This post is about joining the MWC-registered group for the 2018 Women’s March in NYC on Saturday, January 20th.  If you missed last year’s historic event – this may be your chance to grab some of the collective vibe this year!  Members, pls. RSVP (there is no cost to attend!) on the Sign-Up! page so we know to count you in and arrange to meet up.

In an otherwise dismal past year, one of its uplifting aspects was the growing consciousness of all women about our roles in society, our rights and our relationship to others and institutions – and the right to speak out and expect to be believed.  Beginning with the truly historic Women’s March of last January, continuing through the year to the current #metoo moment and the naming of SILENCE-BREAKERS as Time Magazine’s Person  of the Year, 2017 unexpectedly became a time when women acted on their right to have their voices heard.

So, join the #WeekendOfWomen – there are currently more than 220 Women’s March events planned and the January 20th, 2018  Women’s March on NYC is the largest.  As of this writing there are approximately 50,000 marchers registered.  But you don’t have to register to attend (that is primarily for planning and permit purposes) – come with us, just show up, get a group of friends to go together …. JUST GO (and, if you can, put that pink pussy hat back on!).  If you talked yourself out of going last year, you may have regretted not being part of one of the country’s most historic events; personally, I’d never seen anything like it.  Feel free to bring friends, spouses, partners, children, co-workers, neighbors 

FYI: The main entrance will be at 72nd between Broadway & Central Park West. The main exits will be 45th/44th/43rd along 6th Avenue. The rally will start at 11:30EST. The march will start around 12:30EST. It is probably a good idea to get there about an hour or so before any start time. 

This year will be different … no one is expecting the record numbers of last year.  But that’s not the point – what IS the point is to maintain focus and attention on women’s issues in our society.  This year’s March is being organized by the Women’s March Alliance (CLICK HERE TO GO TO THEIR WEBSITE) the same people in charge of last year’s March.



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