This post is about a getting a group of MWC’ers together to attend the Tenth Annual WOMEN IN THE WORLD SUMMIT  which is from April 10th-12th.  All MWC’ers will asked to RSVP via the SIGN UP! section on the site – at which point everyone who has signed up will be sent information as to the schedule, ticket availability and prices.  We can book a group (at a slight discount) if we purchase more than 20 tickets.  We are moving up the deadline for this as tickets are going fast (the $100. tickets are already sold out) and we need to purchase them right away.

This past year was a galvanizing one for women;  #METOO, the Kavanaugh hearings, record numbers of women in local, state and national government and a woman Speaker of the House.  How fitting that this year is the tenth anniversary of the WOMEN IN THE WORLD SUMMIT.  This event, which a number of MWC’ers attend, is a broad gathering and celebration of women and women’s issues all over the world and in all sectors.  This is a chance to spend some quality time on issues affecting all of us – and with like-minded women.

No one describes this event better, with more excitement, than organizer Tina Brown, “Join us for a convening of mighty women leaders, blazing activists and courageous movers and shakers who will move you with their provocative first-person storytelling and shake up your worldview.  To mark 10 years of shaping opinions, setting agendas and introducing you to the next generation of female leaders, we’ll celebrate and share the stories of women on the front edge of change who have presided over this great awakening in the global women’s movement and are leading it into the next decade.  Be there for conversations with women who will not be silenced by censorship, patriarchy, or injustice — women who wake us all up and take down fake news. In a time of synced-up opinions and dubious viral headlines, get inspired by galvanizing women leaders on the Women in the World stage — live, unscripted, stoked and woke.”

While the slate of guests and presenters will not be announced prior to the event, they have typically ranged from CEO’s to world leaders to artists, activists, journalists, peacemakers and dissidents.   A partial list from last year included Parkland gun control activist Delaney Tarr, Academy Award-winning actress Viola Davis, Liberian Nobel laureate Leymah Gbowee, restaurant workers’ activist Saru Jayaraman, journalist Ronan Farrow, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, principal ABT dancer Misty Copeland, NYT columnist Nicholas Kristof and US Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Lisa Murkowski.  Can’t help but wonder if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and/or Nancy Pelosi will be there in 2019!  One 2019 speaker who has been announced Is Vogue Editor-in-Chief and Conde Nast Editorial Director, Anna Wintour.

This year’s event will address signature issues such as anti-gun violence and equal pay. “We’re building up to a really epic year,” Brown said. “We’ve played a really big role in bringing the issues we’ve been discussing for the last nine years to the forefront. The #MeToo movement, we feel in a sense, is no longer a mission — it’s a reality.“


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