vintage valentine a copyValentines day CandyIt only  happens every five or six years or so but, yes, much to the angst of the teen-age unattached, VALENTINE’S DAY is on a Saturday this year.  But there’s no reason for angst for any generation, attached or un-.  Because even though commercial interests seem to push the idea of Valentine’s Day as having to do with romance and sex … many others now think of it as a day to express love.  What Thanksgiving is to gratitude, Valentine’s Day is to love – of everyone.  Love of your partner or spouse or sibling or child or friend or parent or cousin or aunt or uncle … you get the idea.   Maybe dig out the construction paper, glue, doilies and glitter and make something heart-stoppingly silly and sweet.  Or bake some cookies.  Or write a poem.  Or grab a few posies (NOT red roses).  Don’t let anyone you love not know it.  Speak from your heart.  Don’t forget.

Valentines day cookies


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