This post is about the MWC’s BIG BOOK event which will culminate in an all-members get-together in mid-January, 2022.  But before that happens we need to: 1) nominate books and 2) get reading!

AND THE NOMINEES ARE … well, we’ll find out as soon as the MWC Book Groups each submits two (ok, maybe three) nominations for the MWC 2022 BIG BOOK.  The entire MWC membership will then choose from among six or so nominations.  In general, these are books which were enthusiastically liked by the individual groups – and they want to share their good reading fortune with the rest of us.

Then it will be time for us all to get reading so we can collectively participate in the BIG BOOK session in mid-January.  Perfect for a winter day, don’t you think?  The agenda for the all-members event is being developed right now.  It is likely to include discussion, some reading aloud – if we’re very lucky, perhaps an author visit.  And, of course, lunch!   In the meantime, after the nominations are in (early November or so) – they will be announced and we will send out a “ballot” to pick a winner!

WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?  Because the women of the MANHATTAN WOMEN’S CLUB like to read!  Which is why there are currently three MWC Book Groups – and more on the way.  Each group formulates its own rules (how to choose books, when and where to meet, how to add new members, how/who to host, vacation breaks….etc). On a year-to-year basis there is often, not always, some attrition which creates openings in some of the groups, which are then filled.  Some volunteer participation is required in each group with regard to hosting, leading book discussions, helping with meeting logistics …etc.  All the groups are still experimenting with ZOOM which was used extensively during the past 18 months or so but two of the groups are working on getting back together in person.  There is no cost to participate in a MWC book group; however, membership is limited to current MWC Members. If you would like to join a book group or help us form a new one, let us know!  In particular, we are intending to add an EVENING BOOK GROUP and potentially an additional week-day one.

A brief description of each group is below.  If you are interested in joining a MWC Book group, (or in founding a new one) please send in an email to: .

MWC CARNEGIE BOOK GROUP:  This group was formed in very early 2020  response to some  MWC’ers wanting a group which would focus on non-fiction subjects: history, science, biography, philosophy, memoirs ….etc.  If you are interested in joining such a group, please send in an email to with “CARNEGIE” in the subject line to let us know of your interest.  New members are welcome.  The Carnegies meet on the third Tuesday of the month.

MWC ASTOR BOOK ZOOM GROUP:  The Astor Book Group has flourished under the steady direction of Karen Pagonis and Lydia Canizares who have formulated an approach to recruitment to insure cohesion and commitment – which makes for a great book group!  They meet on the third Wednesday of the month and recently decided to have an exclusively ZOOM group to accommodate out-of-town MWC’ers, Covid-concerned MWC’ers and those needing schedule flexibility.  They only read works which are less than 500 pages and drop book recommendations which have less than at least half of the group’s votes.  They are in the process of re-jigging a bit as they convert over entirely to ZOOM but now feel they can have a few more  members.  Interested?  Send in an email to  with “ASTOR” in the subject line to let us know.

THE MWC BOOKIES:  This group was the MWC’s initial daytime book group and meets the third Wednesday of the month.  They generally meet from 11:30am-1:30pm and discuss each month’s book over lunch.  The Bookies are a highly social and convivial group and sometimes arrange for other book-related activities or outings.  Unfortunately, at this time there are no openings in the BOOKIES group.


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