MAY 28th: THE MOTH (Re-scheduled)


Moth AOK, we’re trying this again !  On Thursday, May 28th THE MOTH will hold a Mainstage Event focusing on the theme “It’s All Relative” – meant from both scientific and personal perspectives.  The hope is that by providing notice you can clear your schedule for this great event and the MWC will be able to jump on the tickets the second they’re available !  Members, if this is your cup of tea, SIGN UP NOW on the “Reservations/ Payment” page in the Members website.

Moth GThe appeal of having a story told to you is always magical.  Whether a 4-year old wanting to hear a story before bedtime or an adult wanting to have her attention captured and held by the power of a personal narrative – it never gets old.  In this period of amped-up, electronically time-shifted, micro-ized and over-shared information what often gets lost is the power of true, individual, personal stories.  -With beginnings and middles and ends.  This was what best-selling novelist and poet George Dawes Green was thinking about in 1997 when he founded THE Moth IMOTH in his NYC living room.  His goal was to recreate the ineffable pull of sultry summer Georgia evenings where he and his friends gathered on a porch to share personal stories.  They started calling themselves “The Moths” – named after the moths that came through a hole in the screen and flickered and fluttered around the porch light.

Since that time – and well beyond George Green’s living room – THE MOTH has spread to more than twenty cities, to cafes and clubs and large venues and has presented thousands of stories.  There is a MOTH  Radio Hour on over 200 stations (on WNYC in New York), there have been awards galore and support from the Corporation for Public Moth EBroadcasting, the MacArthur Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts.   But none of this hoopla has changed the basic premise.

How can something so simple be so dynamic?  “True stories, told live, “  is THE MOTH mantra and it is supported by just a very few basic guidelines.  Each MOTH session has a theme, stories are five minutes long and there are no notes.  The set-up is: the storyteller and the audience.  Never changing is the dedication to THE STORY – this is not the place for stand-up comedy, polemics or sermons.  It can celebrate the natural raconteur who makes you laugh Moth Fout loud or, just as important, the novice who has experienced something extraordinary.  Every MOTH show co-mingles the drama of theater with the authentic intimacy and vulnerability of a personal story.

Since this is a Main Stage Event it is in a (slightly) larger venue which means more tickets are available.  However, THE MOTH only sells a few tickets ahead of time, otherwise they are mostly available at the door.  So, the so-called plan here is to bird-dog the ticket availability and snatch up as many as we can as soon as we can.   In this particular case, the TILT deadline will be set for AFTER May 28th Moth H so we can assign tickets on a first come-first served basis and easily refund those for whom we were unable to get tickets.  Yes, it does sounds complicated – but this is a spellbinding and moving experience and well worth going the extra mile. We will do the best we can to have as many of us go to this session as possible – but if that is NOT possible we will try to keep adding MOTH events so that every MWC member who wants to experience this has an opportunity.    Hmmm…. maybe in the future there can be a MWC MOTH Story hour !  Members, go to the “Reservations / Payment” section on the website to reserve a ticket.moth_logo_large



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