MWC Bench Honor Roll!


nyc-thank-you-desktopNEVER SIT ON THE SIDELINES, indeed !  Great, huge buckets of thank-you’s to all who contributed (listed below) to the Manhattan Women’s Club Bench in Central Park – the plaque arrived late Fall and we were able to “christen” it in January as part of our annual anniversary celebration.  Especially loud shout-outs go to ANGELA JAMES, whose “Picture Yourself” Program gave us a head of steam mid-funding, to AIMEE BURKE who came up with a novel raffle idea for the wonderfully mad MahJong’ers, and to MOLLIE NEWMAN who organized a group contribution by the Manhattan Bookies Lunchtime Book Group and made fund raising for this a lot of fun.  Quite a few people contributed multiple times. You’ll also see that among the contributors are former members, brand new members – and never members !  A wonderfully gratifying group effort.   THANK YOU !

Corrected Bench Contributor List



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