two gentleman CTFANA CWhen’s the last time you saw TWO GENTLEMAN OF VERONA ???  Bet it wasn’t in the last five years !  If that’s the case (and even if it isn’t, you culture-vulture) the MWC has the opportunity to spend an evening enjoying this perhaps very first rom-com at NYC’s newest and most exciting theater – THE THEATER FOR A NEW AUDIENCE (TFANA) in the heart of Brooklyn’s recently coined “Cultural District.”  Yes, it’s a school night (but transportation from both the East and West Sides is great!): Tuesday, May 12th at 7:30pm. Tickets are $75.  This is a family and friends event; please invite yours!

TFANA has been presenting, interpreting and re-interpreting Shakespeare’s plays for over 35 years with their own productions and those of others. They were the first American theater company invited to perform Shakespeare at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon.  Now in gorgeous and permanent new digs and with the support of a who’s-who of the theatrical community which has participated in and supports their productions (think Bartlett Sher, Mark Rylance, Sir Peter Hall, Kathleen Chalfant, Peter Brook, F. Murray Abraham, Julie Taymor … the list goes on and on) TFANA has teamed up with the Fiasco Theater to offer TWO GENTLEMAN OF VERONA, first produced for Washington DC’s Folger Theater.

Two Gentleman AThe Fiasco Theater has added even more zip to this very zippy play (thought by many to have been Shakespeare’s first) about mismatched lovers and shifting affections.  This is the play that jump-started the idea of “madcap” as its putative hero turns out to be a rogue and a rotten friend.  You will not nod off in this production because although the design is spare there is lots going on with letters falling from the rafters, rope ladders materializing out of nowhere and just a handful of actors who quickly transform into clowns, servants, outlaws and … even a grumpy, ungrateful dog.

TFANA ATFANA was founded in 1979 by Jeffrey Horowitz (still the company’s acting Artistic Director) and cut its teeth performing Shakespeare all over NYC, particularly in schools.  The new theater, designed by Hugh Hardy and inspired by London’s Cottesloe Theatre in the National Theater complex on the Southbank, opened at the end of 2013.  The main 299-seat theater is an elegant black-box tricked out with all make and manner of theatrical kit and technology.  Accustomed to working in limited spaces for 35 years, TFANA knows how to make the most of every inch and brings both spectacular effects and nuance to every performance.  It’s worth going to  TFANA just to see this new space.

Details:  The MWC has booked a limited number of tickets – however, we will keep the TILT open and if more MWC’ers sign up than our number of tickets we will quickly try to get more.  If we are not able to get more, those who have signed up beyond the initial allotment will have their reservations/payments cancelled.  We will book a spot for dinner beforehand – you will be asked if you’re interested in joining a group when you sign up.  Members, pls. go to the Reservations/ Payment page in the Members Section of the website for your tickets. 


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