TEN YEARS?!!  Can barely believe it but, yep, the MWC started almost exactly ten years ago, in 2011.  It began with a simple email creating a group for women like us who wanted to get to know new people, enjoy the bounty of New York City and who could support each other.  And here we are ten years later with literally hundreds of current and former members, many recurring activity groups and a VERY large number of “excursions.”   But in this important anniversary year we have been somewhat mothballed by current circumstances.  Perhaps this has given us all some time to think and rethink how we want to go forward in many aspects of our lives – and in the MWC.
While 2021 is about celebration  we will save tomorrow and many days thereafter to think about change.
You will all be hearing more and asked to participate in conversations about how the MWC goes forward.  Right now, let’s focus on the following thoughts:
  • Social isolation is a scourge – let’s use the MWC to help others and embrace new ways to communicate with each other.
  • New York City is NEVER “over” – but it does change. Boy-oh-boy, does it change. The MWC  will change with it.
  • Planning creates a future you want – it’s important to think about and KNOW what you want and then take steps to reach your goal.  We’re doing that in the MWC right now!  Join us …
There is much to think about and so much to do.  But I, for one, feel a new sense of purpose and commitment to women like us who are in their prime.  Because, after all, we’re pretty great.  It’s been great to get to know you all – THANK YOU for being an MWC’er, past, present and future!

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