This post is about the one-month old craze – based right here in New York City -which is sweeping the world:  CRONUTS !    There are also a few MWC reminders at the bottom of this post.

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CRONUT ADoesn’t it seem as though every Summer has a few fads – things that are really silly but nonetheless grab the imagination?  Think hula-hoops, Chipwiches, break dancing, shutter sunglasses and food trucks.   Some of these  have some staying power after the initial summer’s obsession but others  root a particular Summer in time.  First up for Summer of 2013 – CRONUTS ! 

Cronut HLaunched just over a month ago – on May 10th – and created at the very soignee Dominique Ansel bakery in Soho (189 Spring St) by the master himself, the basic idea is this:  take some croissant dough, cut it out in the shape of a donut, deep-fry it, fill it with custard, butter-cream or ice cream – and then coat it and top it with something extremely sugary-y and fanciful.   No, there’s NOT a lo-cal version.

Cronut DIn ONE MONTH, news crews from all over the world were parked outside interviewing the lucky few who managed to get their limit of two from the day’s allotment. There are already charges of imposters and knock-offs.  Although priced at the Bakery at $5 each, there are reports of Cronut-scalpers and there is even a legit Premium Cronut Delivery Service – which charges $100 per cronut.  But you have to order by noon the day before and, oops, they’re already sold out!   The Bakery opens at 8am, but the line starts forming a little after 6am – Ansel says that on most days if you’re on line by 7am  you have a “good chance” of getting one.

Cronut CNUTRITIONAL NIGHTMARE ?  Most definitely yes, although as of right now (calorie count posting requirements be damned) there are only estimates of how many calories there are in each cronut.  Low estimates are around 500 – but other guesses put it between 800-1000.  You can’t help but wonder what our obesity-fighting Mayor thinks about all of this but we’re sure to find out; supposedly his office placed an order.  Leave it to a skinny-Minnie of a  Frenchman to figure out a way to make the rest of us pack on the pounds.

Cronut GCRONUT 101:  That’s the tab on the Bakery’s website  which tells you how you can get your very own:  1) Wait on Line – in time-honored NYC fashion; get there sometime before 7 and you will be allowed up to 2 (depends on the day’s demand); 2) Pre-order – This is by phone for only up to 6 cronuts and needs to be done two weeks in advance.  But, oops, as of now pre-orders are full for the foreseeable future.   3) Pre-order a LOT, at least 50 – High volume pre-orders are accepted up to a month in advance and are available on a FCFS (first-come-first-served) basis.  Oops, again, these are gone for July but the Bakery will start accepting orders for August on July 1st.   Hmmmm …. so it looks like standing on line is the way to go; undoubtedly an only-in-New York scene which is just as unique as the Cronut itself. 

Cronuts BCRAZY, NO?   Yes!  But somehow, this seems to be the latest in a long tradition of letting-go a bit during a relaxing season.  When you can fill your thoughts and imagination with something other than the obligations at hand and let your mind wander over something fun and outrageous and, in its own way, healthy.  Welcome to the CRONUT SUMMER  – soon to be replaced by ….?

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