SUMMER SCATTER 2019 – Who’s around?


Happens every year – MWC’ers celebrate summer early and late and are often in and out of the City on their jaunts.  It’s hard to plan around many people with summer-only schedules, BUT it’s worth a try.  Depending on how many of us are in town on any given week, and what recurring activities we typically participate in – well, we can perhaps compress some of the activity groups for summer-versions of them, we can plan outings during the weeks when there is a “quorum” in town – and, with indiividuals’ permissions, we can share this information with each other.  Let’s give it a go so we can make the most of the coming (almost here!) benevolent season.  For those who do NOT fill in the form, we will presume you’re not available for any of the summer.

All MWC Members will be sent a link to the survey, via email – PLEASE FILL IT OUT!




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