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The MWC always takes a bit of break in the summer as a goodly number of us scatter to take advantage of the season to travel, visit with friends, learn new things, reunite with family and others …. just what this time of year is for!  Nonetheless, all is not quiet here …. a few things bubble up this time of year in anticipation of the membership year starting on September 15th.   Take a look ….

MWC Bench News:
In case you’re looking for it ….. the MWC Bench is (sort of) in a new spot.  As part of a big, Central Park infrastructure project the field just inside the west side of the Park between 86th-90th Streets is being revamped. Mostly new drainage and planting.  But also the re-positioning of some of the benches on its edge – which is, of course, exactly where the MWC Bench is.  The way the woman at the Central Park Conservancy explained it to me… it ‘s in the same spot, but has been re-positioned.  Apparently they decided that people sitting on those particular benches would prefer to look at the field than the Park Drive so they turned it around.  Haven’t yet seen it but am assured that if you know where it was – you will still find it.  Time to look!

Summer Cleaning
If you happen to have moved – either within the City or outside – please let us know.  In the latter case, if that means you’re no longer able to be an active member of the MWC (sob!) let us know that, too.  Important to know if you move away: you’re always welcome to come back and if you’re coming to New York to visit and there’s something on – drop us a line so we can include you right away while you’re here.

Summer School
For the MWC, that means fixing creaky parts of the website, adding some new functionality, booking early Fall events, going through our mailing lists ….etc.  This year it also means doing some dry runs to figure out a decent replacement for TILT, our event payment processing service which is now sort of defunct (at least for us – it was purchased by Air BNB and they’re going to use it exclusively).  But there are some brand new things being looked at as well:  a site redesign – or at least a more robust mobile version, the use of “Slack” for the recurring groups so they can each have their own instant messaging capability, and (I’ve said this before!) an e-commerce/ classified section of the site.  Also being thought about is some group travel – Paris, is what’s on the boil and a large-scale, city-wide event for us …  and women like us!

Invite Your Friends
You are encouraged to invite your friends to join the MWC.  Or, if you’d rather not, she / they can be sent an invitation directly.  The point of this is that the number and  types of things we do expands based on the breadth of our membership.  If you have friends for whom you think the MWC would be a good fit, please send her/ them a link to the website OR, simply, have them email:  Anyone who inquires will be sent a “Hello” email with a link to our questionnaire to get started.

The MWC’s recurring activity groups are the heart and soul of the MWC.  And they are only possible because a few women have been generous enough to take each one in hand and keep things organized.  Activity group leaders will soon be surveyed to see if they are willing to continue leading their respective groups next year – but they may well not want to.  At which point volunteers will be asked to step up.  The house rule in these cases:  if no one volunteers to lead a recurring group activity, we presume it has run its course and it is discontinued.  The corollary is that if you have a new recurring group activity you would like to lead – new ones can be created.  So, think about raising your hand to lead a group activity and if you’re willing – send in an email.  Meanwhile, independent of the recurring activity groups but falling into the category of “volunteering” we are hoping to have a regular gig at GOD’S LOVE WE DELIVER and also support the NYC COAT DRIVE – hope everyone finds a way to participate in these.


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