[PLS. NOTE:  DATE CHANGE! – Payment Deadline is OCT 25th.]  This post is about a theater outing to see the dig-down-deep drama THE SOUND INSIDE with Mary Louise Parker at 2pm on Wednesday, November 13th.  We are in the process of acquiring a small block of tickets and will post the sign-up as soon as we have them and know the price.  But pencil in the date now!

THE SOUND INSIDE:  New York is fortunate to have many remarkable regional theater companies nearby.  One of the most remarkable, the WILLIAMSTOWN THEATER  FESTIVAL , is located on the campus of Williams College in Northern Massachusetts and for the past 65 years has produced a wide range of original works, revivals, musicals, comedies, dramas, classics – you name it.  Some, certainly not all, of these go onto Broadway or tour but many bold-faced actors and writers and directors know they can test their chops with the best of the best in perfectly produced productions while they experiment in a gorgeous Berkshires environment.

During the summer of 2018, well-known Pulitzer-finalist writer Adam Rapp, Tony-Award winning director David Cromer (for the BAND’S VISIT) and multi-award winning actor Mary-Louise Parker worked together to present THE SOUND INSIDE at Williamstown.  It is now being transferred to Broadway in a Lincoln Center Theater production.  Parker plays Bella Baird, a writer and Yale professor who has just received a dire cancer diagnosis.  She works with a brilliant student writer (played by Will Hochman) as they both explore their personal stories and use them autobiographically in their work.

What’s fact or fiction, real or unreal … is the basis for THE SOUND INSIDE. Ms. Parker eschews her too-often played role of kooky intellectual (think WEST WING or WEEDS) for something far more complex and not-quite-tragic as she uses her own life in her writing.  And, yet somehow, even though major events are happening in both of the characters’ lives, THE SOUND INSIDE avoids sentimentality in favor of more profound, bigger, conclusions.

If you like to go to the theater and listen very carefully to perfectly executed, well-crafted writing, you will want to see THE SOUND INSIDE.   This work is in previews right now and we are intending to get our tickets before its actual Broadway premiere – after which this is very likely to be a very hot and difficult ticket to get. So, get ready – we will only have a limited number of tickets.  And meanwhile, think about getting up to Williamstown next summer!


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