So how are SECOND TUESDAYS different from the Metro Divas?  Lots of ways  – although, yes, lunch is involved!  And, as always, it addresses a problem which vexes all New Yorkers – real estate!

SECOND TUESDAYS started as a way for the MWC’s devoted MahJongg players to have a chance to get together without worrying about how many could fit in individuals’ apartments.  We wanted someplace where EVERYONE – expert players and brand-new ones, too – could play.  Fortunately, we found just such a place in the HAN DYNASTY restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.  But as time went on, and because there was room, SECOND TUESDAYS has evolved into something a bit more than that – in fact, a bit of everything. There is the playing of games, for sure – but that’s not all.

Yes, a core group of MahJongg players come and still others come to learn the game.  A Canasta group is starting – first with lessons and then may join us on Tuesdays.  There’s even talk of a Bridge group coming. Personally, I would like to play Scrabble!  But still others come to visit and kibbutz and, particularly to ask questions about the MWC:  how do I learn how to use MWC-SLACK?; I have an idea for an activity to run by others; I’d like some help leading an activity; I want to know how to use Venmo.  But it’s also a place to road test ideas for the MWC’s future – about activities, structure, things that aren’t working very well (and some that are!), recruitment, membership issues … the list does go on!

It is fortunate that the set-up at Han Dynasty is spacious and they are very accommodating.  It is a large space with many tables available for us.  Games start, a buffet lunch is served at around 1pm but then you just pick a spot – and someone you’d like to sit next to – and plop yourself down.  We are there from 11:30am-3:30pm and the cost for the space and lunch is $32 pp, including tax and tip. For SECOND TUESDAYS, we all use a RESY payment link generated by the restaurant – it cuts out the middle-man, gives us a definitive attendee list and makes it easier for the MWC to manage.

If you’d like to join know about SECOND TUESDAYS, sign up for MWC-SLACK channel (#second-tuesdays) so you’ll be notified and can get the payment/ reservation link.  If you are new to the MWC and not yet on MWC-SLACK, email: to request a MWC-SLACK invite.


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