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HAVE YOU BEEN YET?  Just took a  meander over to the brand new – only 45 years in the making! – SECOND AVENUE SUBWAY.  For many reasons, this new subway line has a sort of mythic history in New York having been started and stopped a number of times based on the City’s waxing and waning fortunes over the last couple or so generations.  In fact, the first mention of it was in 1920. Oy.  But forget all of that – yes, it’s pretty short (63rd – 96th St) but it’s also pretty beautiful.  Make a point of getting out at each stop (not too tough as there are only four of them…) and go upstairs to the mezzanine level.  Each stop features a slightly different type of mosaic mural and they are fantastic.  Look at the picture above for just one of many, many intriguing examples.


HOLY MOLY, what a lovely anniversary we had.  For us, 2017 dawned in Central Park as the women of the Manhattan Women’s Club chose to christen “our” bench by gathering there and toasting it with an appropriately festive beverage.  It was little chilly – but not unpleasant – and as we left the Park it was noted by several that the days had started to be – and feel – longer.  The afternoon was crowned by an amazing, magic-time glow of late day sun basking the eastern reaches of the Park and Fifth Avenue in a suffused but distinct golden aura.

Fortunately for us, we had not far to go because the celebrating continued at the nearby home of Jonnet and Peter A – gracious hosts with a beautiful home which they shared with us.  The group which was able to make to the bench was joined by more MWC’ers.  The rest of the afternoon’s agenda included affixing “Never Sit On the Sidelines” tattoos on various body parts, wishing a fond farewell to a long-term member, showing samples of some MWC products about to “hit” our tiny market, a presentation by a talented perfumer and a sampling of test MWC scents and, of course, a cake!  – Which just happened to be decorated with a picture of the MWC Bench Plaque – “NEVER SIT ON THE SIDELINES!”

We ate, we drank, we lingered and visited – and we celebrated.  Happy 6th Anniversary, MWC!  Look below at an album of pictures of the event ….(thanks to our crack house photographer, Angela J!)

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