DEC 12th: LUNCH BUNCH-Holiday Edition at SEA GRILL


LUNCH BUNCH – 2019 HOLIDAY EDITION!  This post is about the MWC’s December Lunch Bunch – arranged by the clever and forward-thinking Kay C. for Thursday, December 12th at 12:30pm at the SEA GRILL in ROCKEFELLER CENTER.  This will be a prix fixe lunch at $112. (including tax, tip and credit card processing but NOT not including beverages).  Please go to SIGN UP! to prepay for this event.  Kay was able to get a generously-sized reservation but we are not limiting the number of sign-ups. If we sign-ups are more than our reservation number, will try to get additional seats to accommodate as many as possible. But if we are NOT able to do so, refunds will be provided to those who signed up after the initial reservation cut off number.  In other words, this is a too complicated way of saying – FIRST-COME-FIRST SERVED.  Hmmm….maybe you should sign up now?

One of the most sublime lunches of my life happened to be at the SEA GRILL on a blustery, gray winter day when the sky was dark and the lights came up on the rink and you could endlessly witness the happy skaters – wobbly and professional alike – testing their chops.  There were kids clearly on skates for the first time and figure skating stars executing perfect icy pirouettes. It was mesmerizing – and a 100% New York scene.  The elegant, quiet hush of the restaurant, the unique and secret-seeming special vantage point from which to observe the rink – and the Zamboni! – and the out of this world, well-prepared cuisine enjoyed with generous helpings of wine – well, can you think of any better holiday luncheon?  With the Rockefeller Center tree twinkling right outside the window?

And if you have time, it might be a good day to think about and explore Rockefeller Center itself.  There used to be an installation on the lower level of Rockefeller Center which was a museum-like display of the Center’s history.  It’s worth exploring to see if it’s still there. The million or so people who walk through Rockefeller Center every day tend to not be aware of the site’s very interesting history: it’s creation (begun in 1930) by  John D. Rockefeller; that during its construction in the depths of the Depression, Rockefeller Center was the largest employer in the country; that it was always intended to be a “city within a city” providing all necessary goods and services (which is why there are still all types of stores on the lower concourse); that its first tenant was the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) which founded the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) – yes, the same one which still operates within Rockefeller Center and produces Saturday Night Live (in an original radio studio!)!  You often find arts tourists, patrons and students wandering around Rockefeller Center as it’s the largest, extant repository of Art Deco art and architecture in the world.

And, smack-dab in its center, you have the Sea Grill which is well known for the best of the best seafood in NYC and has never downgraded their cuisine even though, given their location, they could probably offer peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and no one would care.   But, no, they didn’t go for the easy win.  Personally, I have always been a sucker for their humongous crab cake and also their chowder – but their skills are well applied to many offerings beyond those.

The SEA GRILL opened in 1984 as part of a revamp and upgrade of Rockefeller Center.  Unfortunately, 35 years later, this year will be their last as Rockefeller Center revamps AGAIN.  Ah, a sign of the times?  So, this will be the last holiday season to enjoy this iconic NYC experience.  Join us.

in case you want to truly make a day of your holiday trip to Rockefeller Center., Kay has provided us with information on the activities below.   You will be asked if these are of interest to you when you sign up for lunch and if enough of us want to go – we will try to coordinate and/or book!
NBC Studio Tour:  There is an NBC studio tour at 11:20 for 65 minutes.  Cost is $29 for 55 yrs and older or $33 regular.  Tour is 65 minutes so we finish right in time to go to lunch.
Rockefeller Center Skating:  Rock Center Skating is either first come first served at $28  or available via a VIP skate at $105 which includes rental and hot chocolate/water and cookies.  There is a 10:30 and a 2:30 session.  We can reserve for the VIP session, but not for General (and they say to assume a 1 hr. wait).
There are other attractions as well: The Top of the Rock, back stage tours of Radio Center Music Hall, The Observation Deck and both guided and audio tours.

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