Prospective Member Questionnaire/ Application

The Manhattan Women’s Club is in the process of being restructured to focus on participation and engagement from all its members.  As a condition for membership ALL MWC members are required, per year, to attend a minimum of four (4) non-recurring events and to also lead/ organize one activity or event.  Additional information about this restrucuring and details as to how these requirements will be defined, implemented and managed are available on the MWC website (  The completion and submission of this form, including a date chosen by you as to when you would like to lead an activity or event, are required for membership   After we receive this form from you and review it, we will invite you to our MWC-SLACK group and provide additional information on getting your activity scheduled.  THANK YOU – and welcome.   This questionnaire is the the first step to membership.  Please respond as fully as possible so we can get to know you!

Questionnaire / Application for Prospective Members

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  • Please make sure to include city, state and zip code)
  • Is the address provided above your primary residence (i.e. Is this the address on your driver's license and federal tax return)?
  • Only if you feel like it!


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