PICTURE YOURSELF … and “Paint” the MWC Bench!


PICTURE YOURSELF COLOR BThanks to the overwhelming generosity and talent of MWC’er Angela James and her uber-wonderful photography team, the MWC is able to sponsor an activity  – PICTURE YOURSELF – where we can raise some funds for the MWC Bench in Central Park and also give everyone the opportunity to have wonderful, professional portraits taken of themselves.  For details, see below.

When’s the last time you had your picture taken?  Not with your kids.  Or with your girlfriends.  Or in a  group shot commemorating a semi-significant occasion.   Not taken on a phone.  By whomever was at hand who happened to have one.

Come on, – when was the last time you had your picture taken, all by yourself, and shot by a professional?  -Not to commemorate an occasion, but to commemorate yourself.

BW BThis comes to mind because after a certain age it is not uncommon for us of stop looking at ourselves.  And if you stop looking, you certainly stop taking pictures.  There’s no need to rehash the idea that it’s difficult to have a current, positive view of one’s self when women are bombarded with images which have more to do with men’s (hmmm…. make that male art directors’) imaginations than with a realistic spectrum of age and attractiveness.

PICTURE YOURSELF COLOR DSome years ago, I happened on a great photograph of my mother taken when she was about 70 years ago.  She looked just like herself.   It wasn’t particularly formal but it was beautiful and it was REAL.  And I’ve realized that picture has become the image that comes to mind when I think about her.   I LOVE having that picture!  So, if not for yourself, think about giving your kids, your spouse, or others who love you – a great picture with which to think of you.

You want to do this.  So why not give it a try – in a comfortable setting by someone who knows what she’s doing?  Not surprisingly, we’re setting up an impromptu photography studio with a Central Park Bench (or at least a pretty good stand-in) – because, after all, we’re doing this so we can get on with “painting” the MWC Bench !

BW ADETAILS:  THIS WAS A HUGE SUCCESS – so much so that we will schedule another session in the Fall.  Ask around to other MWC’ers who had their pictures taken by the hugely talented Angela James – and maybe even ask to sneak a peek.  What was great about the pictures is although the setting was the same for each of them, each subject chose her own pose and props (in one case – a dog!) which made them unique. This will be open to all contributors to the MWC Bench – if you’ve already contributed, THANK YOU, and please sign up.  But if you haven’t contributed, uh, NOW would be a great time (especially since we’re almost at our goal).  You will be asked to reserve your spot via TILT (on our reservations page) and with a $40 payment (to cover actual out of pocket costs for the shoot).   You’re gonna kick yourself if you miss out on this ….. so, SEE YOU IN THE FALL ?????


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