SEPT 18th: 2017-2018 MWC Welcome Back Potluck Picnic!



TIME FOR A PICNIC ! Remember how great it was when you were a kid and on that first day back at school in September you were able to reunite with all of your friends?  Lots of chatter, gossip, laughing and catching-up – not much schooling on that first day back but, hey, there was plenty of time for that later.  That first day was about finding out who did what during the summer – and what could be planned for the year ahead.  Who lost weight, actually read WAR AND PEACE, dyed her hair had braces taken off (or put on), learned how to jumpstart a car or do a swandive, had a new romance (or finished off an old one), went to summer school, had a great (or lousy) summer job, went someplace really interesting … the  just-past, short summer season had been lived to a fare-thee-well and it was delicious to gorge on the details.

Even though (most) MWC’ers aren’t in school this group does pretty much scatter during the summer and makes the most of it.  -Which makes it even more fun and important for a post summer catch-up.  For those of you who are on the  MWC Instagram feed, it is a distinct, vicarious thrill to see what a goodly number of us have been up to for the past two or three months.   (And if you’re not on Instagram and following “manhattanwomen” go sign up!)  Lots of family time, beautiful summer watering holes, compelling travel, house moves – it’s all there.

Of course, summer is also the best time to open one’s brain to the potential and possibilities of the year coming up.  Resolutions are different from those made at New Year’s because they tend to be made on the basis of having spent a little more time with Central Park Picnic Byourself and remembering some of your essential interests and abilities before they got swept up in others’.    These are the worthy subjects of conversation, too – you’ve just spent a goodly time during the summer mulling over some of these things in your thoughts – maybe it would be good to give your ideas a test-run with like-minded others.

So, time for a “class” picnic, don’t you think?  We’re planning one on Monday, September 18th at noon at the ARTHUR ROSS PINETUM in Central Park.  Look at the map below – but it’s just Northwest of the Oval and can be reached easily by entering the Park at 86th Street from both the East and West Sides.   This is going to be  pretty much a brown-bag, come as you are, impromptu picnic – although if you can bring something to share with others, that would be great.  But not required !

We’re going back to the West Side Pinetum this year because there are actually picnic tables in the area – if you want to come early and help us snag one or two of those it would be great.  Nonetheless,  you might want to bring a throw/ blanket or towel or even a beach chair to sit on.   The Pinetum is very shaded so you don’t really need a hat or sunglasses – but they can’t hurt.  If the weather is threatening or downright awful we will come up with a raindate plan. Check the hourly forecast for NYC that morning (CLICK HERE)  – if there’s more than a 50% chance of precipitation for noon, we will reschedule.  By the way, if you have a friend who you feel may be interested in the Manhattan Women’s Club – please feel free to invite her. 

It would be hugely helpful for everyone to RSVP because the Parks Department required a permit for this “Special Event” – and it specified a total number of participants.  If we go over that number, the permit can be amended or re-issued, which is totally OK.  And, in the event that you want to bring a little something to share, it would also be helpful to know in advance so some effort could be made at coordination.  Hmmmm….. I’m thinking of bringing lemonade and some watermelon !

Members, Please RSVP on the Sign-Up! Page.

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