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PENCIL US IN BLANK HEADERThis year’s late Thanksgiving seems to have shortened the holidays.   So, maybe the best way to grapple with this calendar conundrum is to make this year’s holidays avowedly chill, to do less and focus on the year ahead.  That’s what’s happening here at the MWC where, although there are five or so items already on the 2014 agenda (BEAUTIFUL theater outing, Federal Reserve and Wall St tour, Brimfield antiques market, please-oh-please a White House Tour …etc),  additional activities are being planned to sprinkle between January and July.  And more will pop up.   So, in no particular order look below for a non-exhaustive list of some great things happening in 2014 (not including Season 4 of  Downton Abbey which begins on January 5th!) – but, as always, the best events are the ones YOU want to do.  So, drop us an email if you have some ideas and meanwhile think about these:

lecole-logoLUNCH BUNCH:  This group got off to a great start in November and is kicking off 2014 with the first of the year’s get-togethers at L’Ecole on  Monday, January 13th.   Monthly coordinators have volunteered to choose restaurants and make arrangements through – so far – July !

moviescreen copyFLICK CHICKS:  These sessions will probably start in February or March – some will be screenings in MWC members’ homes of current movies and others will be at local theaters.  If you’re a movie nut – like many of us – keep on the look out for these notifications !

Stack of colorful books (cut-out, white background)BOOK GROUPS:  Both the Lunchtime and Evening Book Groups are going great guns.  There has been some thought about whether there’s enough interest to create a third book group – not so sure. But if you’re interested in joining a book group, please let us know (email us with “BOOK GROUP” in the subject line) so we can connect you with one of the existing ones or assess interest.  The Lunchtime Group is meeting on Wednesday, January 15th to discuss Patti Smith’s JUST KIDS and on February 19th to discuss EMPTY MANSIONS: The Mysterious Life of Huguette Clark and the Spending of a Great American Fortune.

Year of the Horse 2014 – THE YEAR OF THE HORSE:  Chinese New Year falls on January 31st and is celebrated for two weeks.  We’re nosing around for a great spot for a traditional family-and-friends Chinese New Year feast on Sunday, February 8th.

new-york-public-library-new-logoNY PUBLIC LIBRARY  – This will be an official tour of the main library building which is  about to have a massive renovation  project and is deservedly famous and awe inspiring. The focus of our visit will be art and architecture.  Time to have our pictures taken with those famous lions, Patience and Fortitude, don’t you think?!  So just in case you’re filling in your calendar over the holidays, as of right now the date for this is Wednesday, March 5th.

Joggin in Central ParkBEGINNERS’ WALKING / RUNNING GROUP:  A couple of MWC members have volunteered to pull this together based on a London group they loved and had a lot of fun with.  The emphasis is on getting started, getting some fresh air, not killing yourself, having destinations in mind to keep it motivating and having some sort of achievable goal in mind.  They’re mulling this over and are working on how to set this up early in the new year.

Sarah LyallTHE NYTIMES YANKEE IN QUEEN ELIZABETH’S COURT:  Sarah Lyall, the NYTimes reporter who  recently moved back to NYC after 18 years as the newspaper’s London correspondent and also the author of The Anglo Files: A Field Guide to the British has agreed to speak to us about her UK experience and her re-entry back to the US.  This is tentatively being planned for late March.

Queens PanoramaQUEENS: The New Brooklyn?:  Queens, NYC’s Most international borough, is oft-overlooked by too many of us in getting to know our City.  A trip to the newly renovated Queens Museum, with its famous building-by-building gigantic panorama of NYC, its 1939 and 1960 World’s Fairs artifacts, its Tiffany glass collection – is being planned.  If we can figure out decent transportation logistics a trip to the Noguchi Museum will be included as well.

Steve Cohen MagicianCHAMBER MAGIC:  We’re setting up a session with a well-known magician who will delight us with his amazing feats of prestidigitization.  Silly, YES !  But in the dead of late Winter or early into Mud Season it’s especially welcome to be dazzled with something unexpected.

MinervaA PILGRIMAGE FROM MINERVA TO  LIBERTY:  This is a “pilgrimage” from the famous Minerva in Greenwood Cemetery (the one who points directly to the Statue of Liberty) to Liberty, the famous Lady of the Light in NY Harbor.  There’s a great narrative here with historic touchstones and artifacts along the way.  More on this later – because you’ll all be fascinated.

Painting StudioOUR VERY OWN ATELIER:  Did you know that creative juices ward off arthritis and depression? OK, that’s an idea which is completely unfounded with no scientific merit whatsoever – but doesn’t it seem like it could be true?  There will be a relaxed, DIY, painting and drawing session where we’ll all have a chance to tap into our inner-artistes, gab and even get a bit of instruction.  No artistic skill required !

Working Harbor TourWORKING HARBOR TOUR:  Last September we were able to take a boat-based tour of NY’s fabulous architecture.  This year we’ll get on another boat and look at the less-evident parts of NY harbor – the nooks and crannies which makes NY’s harbor very hard-working indeed and has always been the historic lifeblood of our City.

walkwayAN MWC DAY OUT IN THE COUNTRY:  This will be a full day out consisting of a bracing walk over the Hudson on the new-ish walking bridge, a visit to the FDR Library and Home and then a late lunch at the Culinary Institute of America.

PalmWHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS:  Another MWC Member has volunteered her garden for an afternoon tea – where a number of “personal futurists” will be on hand.  Palmistry, tarot card reading, astrology, tea leaves – we’ll see who we can round up  !

La Boheme The MET will present a Live in HD Broadcast of La Boheme on Saturday, April 5th.  This is of particular note because this Puccini work is one of the most traditional of operas and this particular production is a Fellini classic.  The Met seems to have been steadily retiring the Fellini productions so this is a great opportunity to see it up close – but also in the HD format which is great if you’re something less than an opera buff and particularly interested in having subtitles and seeing the costuming, sets and behind the scenes staging up close.

A number of MWC’ers have expressed interest in our re-doing a few activities we’ve done in the past such as the Chelsea Art Gallery Walk (certainly worthy of being done annually!), checking out another Moth Story Slam andgoing back to Grand Central.  There are several speakers who may be scheduled to speak   It’s a chock-full schedule which should make for a fun, stimulating and truly interesting New Year !


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