AUg 2013 Theater BLANK

Bracketed by the glitz and glamour of Kinky Boots and the rock’em-sock’em showmanship of Radio City Music Hall, the MWC will have quite the theatrical season this Fall.  To round out the offerings, the MWC’s arbiters and booking agents, Dee McKechnie and Meg Florio, have added THREE dramas to the rosterall of which need to be booked tout suite !  This  tri-fecta includes the celebrity favorite of the new Broadway season, BETRAYAL starring Daniel Craigstop.reset at the always-compelling Signature Theater and SILENT WITNESSES, a winning submission of the United Solo theater festival.   Get details below.  PLEASE CHECK DEADLINES – THEY ARE COMING UP VERY FAST !

BetrayalNobel Prize winner Harold Pinter’s 1978 tour de force work is getting a major new look this year with an extraordinary cast including Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz and directed by four-time Tony Award-winning legend, Mike Nichols. Using the bittersweet device of reverse chronology, real-life married couple Craig and Weisz play a married couple who confront a range of issues based on infidelity and its inherent layers of betrayals – not only of each other but also of other loves in their lives and, ultimately, themselves.   (Sheeeesh – hope this doesn’t put a kink in their marriage ! )  Considered one of the most important of modern British theatrical works, some of our MWC-expats and also all Downton Abbey fans may be interested to know that the role of Emma being played by the divine Ms. Weisz was originated by Penelope Wilton, more recently seen as Isobel Crawley (the mother of the now dead-as-a-doornail Matthew) in the BBC uber-hit.  This is a stunning, stinging and even shocking work  you won’t forget.   DETAILS: Wednesday, December 11th at 2pm.  Tickets are $143.50.  You will be sent a Reservation / Payment link in an MWC email  but these tickets are evaporating so the deadline for responding is very soon – August 21st. 


Signature Theater is the place in NYC to experiment with theater.   The tickets are reasonably priced, the productions are stellar and it’s an institution devoted to playwrights – new and old.  While they often take an entire season to focus on a single playwright, they also promote new works of up and coming writers.  To go even further, Signature has an innovative program – called Residency Five – which guarantees a playwright three original productions of their works over the course of five years. Regina Taylor, one of the theater company’s Residency Five playwrights has created stop. reset, a work which looks at the conflicts and very real crises between real and virtual worlds as evidenced by a traditional book publishing company.  In stop. reset, Alex Ames, the owner of Chicago’s oldest African-American book publishing company, has to figure just how far he will go to maintain his world as he determines his and his employees’ relevancy.   Signature Theater is a jewel in the crown of NYC’s theater industry and it is always worth exploring what they have on offer.   DETAILS:  Saturday, September 28th at 8 pm.  Family invited.  Tickets are $26. each.  You will be sent a reservation / payment link which expires very soon on  August 16th. 

Silent WitnessesIt is very exciting to see brand new work, to be present at the creation.  Especially when it’s a work written and performed by the same person.  United Solo is a NYC theater company dedicated to solo, individual theatrical productions.  One of their winning submissions for this year’s United Solo festival, SILENT WITNESSES,  was written by and will be performed by Stephanie Satie,  a friend and colleague of MWC member Meg Florio This compelling, 75-minute, no-intermission dramatic work introduces the audience to a group of child survivors of the Holocaust who all happen to find each other in Los Angeles.  It is an uplifting play based on interviews with the actual people on whom the characters are based.  DETAILS:  Saturday, November 2nd at 2pm.  Tickets are $19, each.  You will receive a reservation / payment link by email the deadline for which is Friday, September 6th. 


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