This post is about OPEN HOUSE NEW YORK WEEK-END … coming up soon on October 14 & 15.  Since it is very difficult to arrange for a group tour of any one of the sites available during the week-end, the point of this post is to develop a list of who may be interested in going and to put you all in touch with each other for coordination! IMPORTANT:  Unless you’re an Open House NY Member, sign-up for the sites requiring reservations is the morning of OCTOBER 4th – be ready to sign up whether going on your own or with others!  Timeliness and coordination is key.

2017 is Open House New York’s fifteenth year.  The point of the group is to offer public access to little known, or typically closed, sites (a goodly number of which the MWC has already gone to!) .  Previous years’ sites have included: a tour of the cupola at the top of the Municipal Building, a special jazz performance at Marjorie Eliot’s apartment, a presentation on the “The Wheel” – the enormous Ferris wheel being built in Staten Island, the Queensway – the hiking path being built on abandoned LIRR paths, the NYTimes building ….etc.  Clearly, Open House New York is for real New York nerds so – SIGN ME UP!

BUT, while very appealing, it is very difficult to arrange a group outing to any of the sites as they pretty much operate on a first-come-first-served basis and many of the more popular sites require a reservation.  The only way to execute this is to go alone, or with a friend, and choose your sites. OR, get a group really organized to sign up together at the right time. Fortunately, there are many, many sites.  OHNY announces the sites on Wednesday, October 4th and, at least for the more popular sites requiring reservations, it’s important to sign up very, very quickly.

However, as daunting as the logistics are, this is a favorite week-end for New York-o-philes who can’t get enough about the back story of our city.  If you would like to go that week-end and would like to coordinate with other MWC’ers who are also interested, go to SIGN-UP! and you will be put in touch with each other.


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