Creating events and activities and then joining others in participating in them are at the heart of the Manhattan Women’s Club.  Even better, the MWC’s new structure recognizes the importance of both of these. These are what give the MWC its SNAP-CRACKLE-and-POP ! But the MWC’s new structure will only work with the active involvement of the entire membership – and how that will work is described below.  Pls. refer to the previous two posts for additional information.

What’s a “qualifying” event ?

  • It is open to ALL MWC’ers,
  • It is one (or more, if you like!) which YOU create, organize and lead.
  • It needs to attract and have a minimum number of attendees, no less than 8.
  • It can have a limited maximum capacity.  However, If there is a capacity limitation and a number in excess of that signs up, attendees will be chosen using a computer-generated randomizer.
  • It can be one of the dates available on the MWC calendar which are typically Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.
  • However, it can also be on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday – as long as the minimum attendee level is met.
  • It can be in the evening – as long as the minimum attendee level is met.
  • It CAN be on the same dates as other activities or holidays – as long as the minimum attendee level is met.
  • It can be free or require some payment. The event organizer, however, will be responsible for managing payment for services and collecting funds from MWC’ers.   NOTE:  Do NOT shy away from fee-events – these are often the best ones!  So far, most activity leaders are using VENMO.
  • As in the past, NO SHOW INSURANCE, will be required for free events.
  • With the exception of recurring events, registration will be in the form of event payment or No-Show Insurance.
  • Two people can be co-leaders of a qualifying event if it is logistically intensive – i.e. requires transportation, is multi-part, needs extensive research, requires deposits/ insurance, costs more than average ….etc.
  • But more important than all of the above, a “qualifying” event should be wonderful , something you really want to do, something which is special and unique and unexpected. Put your imagination into it!  On both MWC-SLACK and the website, ideas and suggestions for events will be collected – but this is to be helpful, not limiting.

How do recurring events fit into this?
A recurring event  is a category of “qualifying event.”  It is one which is regularly scheduled and requires a leader to organize it on an ongoing basis – at least monthly.  Book groups and MahJongg are good examples of these.  But there are other recurring events which would be a good idea: a monthly museum  group, Canasta and/or Poker, Gourmet goings-ons, a long-form journalism group, an investment group, a speakers group ….etc.

Recurring event leaders have already earned their “qualifying event” credits!   Participation in a qualifying event as an attendee, however, earns a single participation credit.  Hosting a single session of a recurring event is NOT a qualifying event; obligating oneself, in advance, to host a minimum of six sessions, however, does.

Special categories of “qualifying “ events:

  • Service / Administration
  • Hosting all-membership events in your home
  • Hosting (and committing to in advance) a recurring event on a regular basis – at least six times..


  • By attending/ participating in activities and events!
  • Participating in a recurring event (book group, lunch group, MahJongg group) qualifies for a single participation credit.
  • Confirmation of participation in events will be done through:<
    a) Event Sign-ups,
    b) Payment / refund of NO SHOW INSURANCE, and
    c) Confirmation of attendees by event/ activity organizer

All details, rules and requirements are subject to change without notice.


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