Of course!  But, for the MWC  “joining” means  “participating” as you will see below.  The MWC has many members who are women like you.  But what does that mean?

It means it’s likely that you are over 55 years old, very interested in and committed to New York City, engaged and engaging, like being involved and active, and are a “joiner” and “organizer.”  You’re willing and eager to meet new people and make new friends.   Some MWC’ers are relatively new to New York and are in transition – newly retired, sometimes widowed or divorced, in many cases they are empty nesters.  Our interests are varied – most of MWC members are or have been teachers, CEO’s, grandparents, chefs, entrepreneurs, nurses, historians, mothers, actors, doctors, musicians, lawyers, marketing-whizzes, artists, psychiatrists, life-long friends… and, yes, more.  It’s a long list!

Founded in 2010, the MWC  is currently being restructured using a cooperative, self-managed model.  The MWC’s primary interest is that members actively participate in the group and are welcoming to others.  The objective is for friendships to be made while avoiding cliquishness or insularity.  MWC members organize the group and create, organize and lead all MWC activities.  All members are obligated to commit to a minimum level of participation.  This obligation is:

  • To lead at least one qualifying activity per membership year (read the post to learn what “qualifying” means) and
  • To attend, participate in, at least four (4) events during the course of a membership year.

Additional information and explanations for each of the commitments is provided on our FAQ page.

All members  -old and new- formally commit to these minimum levels of participation by filling out and signing the annual MWC MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT where they acknowledge  these obligations and, in the case of their qualifying activity, choose a date they can commit to, to create and lead an activity or event.   THE MWC MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT is being sent to current members via MWC-SLACK and, on an exception basis, email.

New members first  fill out (only once!)  the MWC PROSPECTIVE MEMBERSHIP QUESTIONNAIRECLICK HERE to go the online questionnaire.

All new members must have a primary residence  (as shown on your federal tax return, W-2 or your driver’s license) located within 100 miles of Times Square. This requirement is waived for current members.

Current members  are those who previously paid dues in at least one of the last  two years.

It is strongly advised and recommended that ALL MWC members install and sign up for the SLACK group messaging app and join the MWC-SLACK workspace.  Going forward almost all communication for the group will be through using  MWC-SLACK.  On an extremely limited basis the website and email will be used.



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