The MWC has been bedeviled by trying to get regular MahJongg sessions together – but between the pandemic, travel schedules, costs …etc, it just hasn’t clicked.  However, when things seem to be too difficult sometimes the best approach is to dial back and try and make them simpler.  To that end, and thanks to the managerial capabilities of MWC’er Karin S and a group of other members who have volunteered to host games in their homes, we are going back to the drawing board.  The idea here is to have a round robin approach to a weekly game.  Locations will vary, based on which MWC’ers are able to host, who wants to play on any given Tuesday and playing levels.  As always, we encourage beginners to join the fun and they will be placed where they can best learn in a game-context.  No surprise, this is a little complicated and there are a few rules to the road given a week-to-week changing mix of players and locations.  See the details below.  

  • If you have a living room or other space able to accommodate at least two tables (and have two tables!) and are willing to host periodically, please send your information to Karin Sobeck  in MWC-SLACK or via email ( ).   SLACK IS PREFERRED. 
  • Hosts, pls. provide the following information: specific dates you do or do not want to host, the number of tables you can accommodate, and whether you have one or more MJ sets able to be used. In the event that we do not have a host(s) for a given date, play will be cancelled for that date.
  • MEMBERS-ONLY:  This activity is limited to current MWC members; non-member guests are not permitted.
  • Players, pls. advise us if you have a MahJongg set you can bring to a host’s location.  Also pls. let Karin know your playing level when you RSVP. 
  • ADVANCE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.  The deadline for reserving a spot will be noon on Monday, the day prior to play.  If you do not reserve by that time it is assumed that you will NOT be playing.
  • Players, pls. advise us if you have a MahJongg set you can bring to a host’s location.
  • The 2022 MahJongg Card will be used.
  • Playing spots will be offered on a first-come, first served basis – with priority given to those who host and/or take on organizing responsibilities. 
  • Beginners are welcome and basic instruction will be offered within the context of a game and available slots. 
  • Most communication will be via MWC-SLACK and the two current MJ groups on MWC-SLACK will be consolidated into one, new, channel – MWC MahJongg.  If you are not on MWC-SLACK or are having difficulty with it, please email and we will try and get you set up.   The new channel has already been created and members re-assigned to it from the two previous MJ channels.
  • In general, unless individual hosts suggest otherwise, play will be from 11:30am-3:30pm (on Tuesdays).
  • Hosts are under no obligation to provide beverages or food items – players should bring something to eat/drink and the group will take a lunch-break around 1:00pm or so.
  • No-shows (those who reserve to play but don’t show up) will be placed at the bottom of the priority list for subsequent sessions and assigned spots last on an as-available basis. 
Let’s see if we can get this going! Pls. respond via reply email or VIA MWC-SLACK in the #MWC-MAHJONGG channel. Karin Sobeck will be handling coordination and communication for this effort.  She can be reached individually on MWC-SLACK or via email ( ) .  If you are NOT on the #MWC-SLACK channel and should be, please email so we can get you on it – it’s the best way to communicate easily and quickly with the entire group, sub-groups or individuals in the MWC!  Anyone who RSVP’s will be put in it. 
Hmmmm….. what did we forget?  Let us know!

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