This post is about the MWC efforts to create a second MahJong group – following the lead of the MWC’s hugely successful and currently operating first one (thank you Aimee, Jane and Karin!).   In fact, the current group is so successful there is no room for newbies nor, often, for regular players who don’t sign up for playing slots in time.  SO, this is the plan:

  • There will be Open MahJong Play for the four Fridays of this coming January. That’s on Fridays, January 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th.
  • This is for all levels, from beginner to experienced players – but THERE WILL BE INSTRUCTION.
  • MahJong II is open only to members of the Manhattan Women’s Club.
  • The time will be from 2-5pm.
  • The location will be the home of Anne D (check the SIGN UP! section on the site for address)
  • If necessary, preference will be given to new players.
  • All attendees will be asked to RSVP –  There is no cost to play but it would be helpful to know how many are coming!
  • NO SHOW INSURANCE will be in effect for these events.  Refer to the FAQ’s on the main menu ribbon if you want to know how this works – but, in brief, it means that if you reserve a spot for yourself and don’t show – your $20 NO-SHOW INSURANCE is NOT refunded.  (OK to cancel with 24+ hours notice, however.)
  • You do not have to attend any of the four sessions to be included as part of the eventual group – but you DO have to notify us of your interest.
  • On the last Friday of January (January 25th), the group will discuss how to structure going forward. This means how to handle: hosting rotation, availability and location of tiles / MahJong sets, choices of days / dates, calendar, sign-up protocols, refreshments (or not) … and anything else you can think of!
  • If you are not able to attend the fourth Friday in January, but are interested in joining MahJong II, please send in an email (by January 25th) with your thoughts about these issues and also some sort of description as to your interest in playing regularly, your level of play and, if necessary, need for instruction.
  • Based on the conversation on January 25th a notice will be sent out to all MWC’ers as to how MAHJONG II will go forward!

Observing the current group, I’ve come to believe that there’s magic in those MahJong tiles!  The group is so solid and welcoming – all the things one wants a MWC group to be.  But the real magic lies in the group of women themselves and Aimee, Jane and Karin – THANK YOU!  Now, let’s see if we can make lightning strike twice – my bet is YES!




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