FEB 25th: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MWC – Let’s Celebrate !


Birthday Image BThis post is about the MWC Birthday Party on Wednesday, February 25th  from 3-6pm.  You’re coming, aren’t you ?

Come on, it’s the MWC’s Fourth Birthday !  And it’s both important, and fun, to celebrate it.  Somehow, the Manhattan Women’s Club has become a part of this city – experiencing it, participating in it, reflecting it … and changing it.  Time to kick up our heels and reflect a bit on the 200+ MWC events since 2011, the several hundred women who are involved, the recurring activities in which we engage and the many ways in which we interact – a website, social media platforms and, best of all, SPENDING TIME WITH EACH OTHER !

So, let’s have some nibbles, some wine, look at some pictures and take a few more.  Maybe even take some home movies – oops, video!

History of NY in 101 ObjectsIn honor of the occasion we are also having a special guest, Mr. Sam Roberts, the NYTimes Urban Affairs Correspondent who will present material from his book: A HISTORY OF NEW YORK in 101 OBJECTS.  This is an entertaining (hey, it’s a party) and meaningful way for us to think about where and who we are at this particular point in time.  Of course, this isn’t really a book about stuff – it’s about items with Sam Robertshuge emotional heft and iconic significance which tell tales of our quirky city.  Or, as Mr. Roberts, describes it,

The objects themselves had to have played some transformative role in New York City’s history or they had to be emblematic of some historic transformation. They also had to be enduring, which meant they could not be disproportionately tailored to recent memory or contemporary nostalgia. Fifty, or even twenty-five years from now, would they seem as vital or archetypal as they do right now?

These items range from the prehistoric Fordham gneiss rock on which New York is literally built to the more contemporary CBGB awning which signified Manhattan’s downtown club culture in the early 1990’s.  And there’s everything in between, from the lowly to the exalted, from black and white cookies to the first sterling silver, Tiffany, subway throttleThere is no more fun or easy way to learn about the history of New York than through these captivating objects and their stories.   We will have books on hand for you to purchase (yes, you should!) which Mr. Roberts will sign, if you like.

Come on and join us – and prepare to have your picture taken.  Visit with old friends, and make some new ones.  We DO need you to RSVP if you haven’t already.  Members, go to the Reservations / Payments section of the website and click on the RSVP link there (there is no “charge” for a birthday party !).  Other MWC friends will be sent a direct RSVP link.




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