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Spring in Central ParkHey, everybody !  It’s here.  Yes, Spring has decided to show herself at what seems like a late date!  Seasonal markers are often a little different in the City than in other places.  This most eagerly awaited for season shows itself by some uncommon indicators …. the water fountains are turned on in the parks, green fuzz on the trees (on the UWS you can still see through the haze to see Fifth Avenue), the Metropolitan Museum of Art opens its rooftop garden and all of the sudden there are legions of Little Leaguers in spiffy, extra-clean uniforms wandering around the parks and ‘hoods.  A glorious time for all …

GLWD Main ImageThanks to all for the last-minute rush commitment to volunteer at GOD’S LOVE WE DELIVER.  It was not a stellar date to have been chosen – right after the holidays in the middle of Spring craziness.  Fourteen MWC’ers showed up, donned the none-too-flattering hair “nets” and set up an assembly line to pack curried chicken meals for kids and grown-ups.  First the rice, then the vegs, then the chicken, then the curry sauce, then the shrink wrap and then the label!  Presto-pronto – the old saying is true, many hands DO make light work – not to mention great conversation when you’re with such a convivial group of women!  Hope we can set up a regular date there – it’s fun, it’s real … and unbelievably worthwhile for our fellow New Yorkers.

atlas_obscura_logoATLAS OBSCURA is hosting a world-wide ATLAS OBSCURA Day on Saturday, May 6th – with 18 events in New York City (along with many, many at other locations around the world).  For those of you who bought the book, you already know that ATLAS OBSCURA focuses on the oddball, the obscure and the kooky.  Uh, guess we should ‘fess up and mention that a great many of the NYC sites they mention have already been visited by the MWC!  But, nonetheless, they have many more.  If you have May 6th open, check out their site and consider joining in!

rsz_1-1048_bette_midler_in_helloMidler-mania takes NY by storm!  Who would have thought that the next big, boffo, Broadway hit would be a creaky musical revival featuring a 71-year old hoofer/ singer??!!  Yes, that would be HELLO DOLLY with the one and only Divine Ms. M. taking the lead.  All of us who are Bette Midler fans are not surprised.  Uh, forget HAMILTON – run, get tickets for this once in a lifetime opportunity – there will NOT be touring companies for this one !

Night MarketThe QUEENS INTERNATIONAL NIGHT MARKET is OPEN – for two sneak peek week-ends before their official season starts.  Yes, this is that thing going on in Queens which was immediately over-subscribed last year because of its great vibe – and great food.  For those of you who have traveled to beastly hot, primarily Asian climes where night markets sprung up to be able to shop in the cool of the night.  It ain’t for nothin’ that this in in Queens, overwhelmingly New York’s most international borough.  This year’s food offerings include Burmese palatas, Japanese takoyaki, and Romanian chimney cakes; and new entries include Valencian paella; Indonesian tahu magelang and kue pancong; Middle Eastern stews; Ecuadorian bollos and corviche; Barbadian fishballs; Nigerian jollof rice and puff-puff; crawfish pies and gumbo; Puerto Rican jibaritos and mofongo; Persian sweets and treats; and Macedonian relish.

THEIR FINESTOur Movie Mavens probably have this on their must-see list, but several MWC’ers (also British period drama lovers and “Call the Midwife” obsessives) have recommended THEIR FINEST – a story about the British movie industry during WWII.  With tales of propaganda and sexism, the delightful Bill Nighy gets to shake off his “Love Actually”, wayward Billy Mack persona and come up with someone who is just as fun and compelling.  Check out the trailer below:




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