The MWC currently has three book groups.  Each of these is slightly different from the other.  They do not all have availability or openings at any given time. But if you are interested in joining one of the book groups, please send in an email to or, if you’re a MWC member, go to the individual group’s channel on MWC-SLACK to communicate with its leader.

The MWC BOOKIES is the MWC’s oldest and largest book group.  This is a very convivial group which also has an annual holiday luncheon.  They usually meet over lunch and read a wide spectrum of titles and subjects.  They typically meet in person at a member’s home but, depending on the season or the members’ schedules, they occasionally switch to a ZOOM meeting.  Their MWC-SLACK channel is “bookies” .

THE ASTOR BOOK GROUP is in its second phase with a group of relatively new MWC members.  They have a carefully planned protocol and membership requirements (nothing onerous!) – which has led to its stability and opportunity to plan.  During the pandemic maintained a steady ZOOM schedule and they have found  that they like to switch it up a bit and go back and forth between ZOOM and in-person based on their members’ preferences.  Their MWC-SLACK channel is “#astor-book-group”.  They meet on the third Wednesday of the month.

THE LENOX BOOK GROUP is the new kid on the block for the MWC.  They’re intending to use New York City as a theme and read across genres – biography, history, historical fiction, science …etc.  It’s a vast theme – as vast as New York itself – and certainly can support a book group for many years.  Like the other book groups, they will meet on third Wednesdays – which has sort of turned into the MWC’s book day!  Its leader – Marsha W. – is defining her approach but is intending to start on March 15th.  If you’re a New York obsessive, like many of us, why not give it a whirl???  Their MWC-SLACK channel is ” #lenox-book-group”.





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