clay-pot-bAs it happens there are quite a few MWC artists in our midst – hugely talented,  creative women who are photographers, painters, ceramicists, quilters, sculptors,  …etc.  The idea here is to see who would be interested in exhibiting and – depending on how many artists we have, what the particular works are, how many items they have and what the presentation requirements are – we would like to have a MWC Art Exhibition.

woman_sculpting-aIf you have artwork which you would be willing to have be part of a group show, please CLICK HERE to send in an email (put “CALLING ALL ARTISTS” in the subject line) telling us of your interest.  Once we know if, who and how many want to participate we will get together to talk about how to structure the show. It is perfectly OK (great, even) if you want to sell your work at the show – however, you should be prepared to handle any sales transactions directly between yourself and the buyer.  If you have an artist friend who you feel would be interested in exhibiting, tell her to get in touch with us also.

older-female-artist-paintingWomen artists have a long and difficult history – from being unencouraged, under-recognized and under-represented.  The term “feminine” has long been tossed about as an epithet in the art world – as though the holy grail has been for all art to be “masculine.”  But a lot has changed, there are woman-photographer-amany inspiring and talented women artists today who no longer have to exist in the backwater of “women’s art” (and what the heck is that, anyway?).  There was/ is a famous group formed in 1984 calling themselves the “Guerrilla Girls” (see poster at the bottom of this post) who worked to expose sexual and racial discrimination in the art world, particularly in New York, and in the wider cultural arena. The group was created in 1984 in response to the pitiful representation of women (less than 10%) at that year’s Museum of Modern Art’s Show, the International Survey of Painting and Sculpture held in 1984 at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Our biggest difficulty will be finding a venue – so all research and suggestions would be appreciated.  We’re aiming for a show late Spring.  Let’s make this happen!  Time to be a bit of a Guerrilla Girl yourself, don’t you think?





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