2016 Birthday CandlesThis post is about the Annual MWC Birthday Party – this year on the actual, exact anniversary of the group – JANUARY 26th.  The plan is to meet at the MWC Bench in Central Park at around 3:30pm (location is on the map at the bottom of the post), toast it and ourselves and take a few pictures (we want to get there before sunset) and, perhaps, some video.  Then we’ll walk over to the home of a MWC member who lives nearby and has graciously volunteered to host.  All members will receive an invitation with specific details.  Meanwhile, guess what this year’s theme is.  NEVER SIT ON THE SIDELINES, of course!

It was a big year … we managed to raise funds to endow a bench in Central Park (which is why we’re meeting there).  It was a real group effort with contributions from so many new, old and never (!) members and the process of choosing the inscription was fun, too.  To support the effort and move us into high gear, the MahJongers had a raffle.  And our house photographer, Angela James, sponsored a custom-themed, portrait photo op.  And our inscription is, well, perfect – both pithy and reflective of the spirit of the group.  See the picture of the actual plaque below.


Next big goal of this past year was to try some group travel.  So, we did!  Around 12 of us shared a house for the first week of the “season” at the Chautauqua Institution in far, far western New York State.  Every day was a great day of “culcha”, learning, great meals and brisk walks and wonderful conversation.  This was a group of women who barely knew each other and grew relationships with the week’s bonhomie.  We took turns making dinners – and often hadn’t left the dinner table by 10:30 pm.  Too much talking and laughing and drinking and eating!  Some of us took courses:  ukelele lessons, Russian history, musical theater, life drawing …etc.  Chautauqua is a sort of perfect place for MWC’ers.

This was also the year when the MWC’s Recurring Activity Groups (three book groups, MahJong, Movie Mavens, Lunch Bunch, Tennis) pretty much outpaced everything else – in fact, it’s now difficult to schedule other activities without conflicting.  But that is all to the good – as Mom used to say, we can’t all do everything.  But we can each do something!

Goals for this year?   Hmmmm….. still being formulated.  But, maybe that’s something we should talk about at the Birthday Party.  Hope you come.








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