MIDDAY MASTERPIECES – a concept which is as delightful and fresh as spring air, is a bon-bon for the psyche and a balm for the soul!  What could be lovelier, simpler and more sumptuous than seizing a mid-day hour in Soho in the middle of the week for a spot of classical music, performed live by kookily talented and engaging young artists?  (Full disclosure; The writer of this post was fired from a high school summer job because she was routinely late after staying in the parking lot too long listening to “Piano Personalities”!)  Oops …forgot to mention, the concert is free.  We have a limited number of tickets to a mid-day concert at THE GREENE SPACE for the WQXR Midday Masterpieces performance.  WQXR is the New York’s classical music station owned and operated by the local public radio station, WNYC.

On March 1st  pieces by Schubert and Brahms will be performed by James Kim (cello) and Jinhee Park (piano).  This series is sponsored by the Juilliard School

Details:  Wednesday, March 1st at 1pm at The Greene Space at 44 Charlton Street at the corner of Varick. Meet-up will be about 12:40pm.  The closest subway stop is the #1 or #2 at Houston Street.  There is no cost for these tickets.  However, they are reserved and limited so NO-SHOW INSURANCE is required.  Members, go to the Sign-up! tab on the Members Homepage or directly to the Reservations/ Payment page. When you sign up we will inquire about your interest in going to lunch before or afterwards.


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