The MWC’s METRO DIVAS are NOT divas – but they ARE MWC’ers with a sense of humor, a great deal of conviviality and a desire to get together over lunch with other MWC’ers on a monthly, agenda-less, basis.  The point here is NOT fine cuisine (although that can happen!) but to find a reasonably priced, well-located restaurant which can accommodate a sizeable group without requiring we prepay, send in a deposit or go through a catering department.  This is generally scheduled for the fourth Thursday of the month.

To make things even easier and MORE pleasant, they have set up a genius payment system where they estimate the cost of an average lunch (no steak or lobster, pls!), excluding wine – which generally runs about $40.  They ask anyone who is going to participate in any given month’s lunch to prepay via Venmo and then, when the check comes, there’s no who-had-what kookiness and the bill is paid.  Easy-peasy!

Since this is, of course!, open to ALL MWC’ers, the creator of this group (Jean F) announces a date when sign-ups (and payments) are open.  If more MWC’ers sign-up than that particular restaurant has been willing to let us reserve for – we use the MWC’s famous “randomizer” to choose on a fair basis who will be able to join that month.  Whoever was randomized “out” is given priority for the next get-together, if she wants it.

This all sounds more complicated than it really is.  As they say, “God is in the details,” and in this case tn that would be Jean F and KayeG who have designed this to be fun, easy and friendly.  Great way to spend some downtown with other MWC’ers.

If you’re interested in being a METRO DIVA, pls. send in an email ( and we will put you in the group’s MWC-SLACK channel, “metro-divas” where all notifications and communications happen. If you are already a MWC member – you can also just go to that channel!



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