This post is about the MARCH FOR OUR LIVES, on Saturday, March 24th in New York City and many other locations nationwide.  The primary March will be in Washington, DC, but as with the WOMEN’S MARCH in January 2017 there will be many other “sister” marches in other locations.  Many MWC’ers have asked whether a group is going and, if so, if they can join.  At this time, the plans for New York City are still being put together.  If you would like to participate in the March with other MWC’ers, sign up on the “Sign Up!” page and you will be notified of the specific plans for that day as soon as they are known.

The MARCH FOR OUR LIVES was initiated by students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas  High School in Parkland, Florida, the site of yet another school shooting on February 14th.  Since the student activists there announced plans for a March, other groups (including the WOMEN’S MARCH) have joined in.  The point here is not only to march against gun violence and the lack of gun controls in our country, but also issues related to representation and the legislative stranglehold special interests (yes, the NRA) seem to have over the majority in terms of political influence.  The MARCH FOR OUR LIVES is trying to keep people up to date via a Facebook page.  This is likely to be a massive activist event and plans will evolve right up March 24th.  So, sign up and you will be kept up to date.


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