INTERESTED IN PLAYING MAH JONGG?:  The MWC’s second MahJongg group,  Mah Jongg, Too!, is off to a fun, rollicking start. The group has settled into a fairly regular playing schedule of Tuesday afternoons for three hours.  This year in January and April we offered instruction for brand new players and we will continue to periodically offer instruction – but, as a general rule, if you’re going to join the group you need some base knowledge of the game.  We can suggest a number of ways for new players to get up to speed quickly: lessons, instructors, videos, books …etc.   If you already know how to play (no, you don’t have to be an expert) and think you’d like to play with the group, please send in email to: (put  “MahJongg, Too!” – In the subject line) to let us know of your interest.  We’ll get you signed up for weekly invite/ RSVP list so you can get going!

Please see below for some of the “rules” we’re using for MahJongg, Too!:

  • MWC Mah Jong,Too! is open only to members of the Manhattan Women’s Club.
  • As of this writing, the sessions are scheduled for Tuesdays from 2-5pm.  This sometimes changes by an hour or so based on our venue.
  • We are planning on three tables – possibly more.
  • At this point, we have committed to a (semi-?) permanent venue on the UWS – address will be sent to MWC’ers when they RSVP.  You will be asked for a $5 donation every time we play in that location.
  • All attendees will be asked to RSVP via the GMail invitation and RSVP process. Players will be signed up on a first-come-first-served basis in order of RSVP. GMail invitations will be sent out for every session to whomever is on the MWC MahJong,Too! list.
  • We are NOT intending to use No-Show Insurance for these sessions.  However, if it becomes clear we’re having a problem with people not showing up, we will reconsider.  PLEASE: IF YOU RSVP, SHOW UP!   (OK to cancel with 24+ hours notice, however.)

Observing the MWC’s Original MahJong group, it’s clear that there’s magic in those MahJong tiles!  The group is so solid and welcoming – all the things one wants a MWC group to be.  But the real magic lies in the group of women themselves and Aimee, Jane, Karin and Anne. – THANK YOU!  Now, let’s see if we can make lightning strike twice – my bet is YES!




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