This post is about a private pottery class arranged for the MWC by new member Paula K.  It is scheduled for March 22nd at LA MANO POTTERY.  Private lessons Are $130 for two hours and include instruction and all materials.  There is an additional charge if you would like your piece glazed and fired – to be picked up at a later date.  If you would like to join the other MWC-potters, go to the MWC-SLACK #pottery channel where you will find additional information, payment details, who’s going – and a chance to communicate with Paula and others in the group.  The deadline for reservations/ payments is March 15th.

Who hasn’t imagined herself as a latter-day Demi Moore in GHOST, sitting at a pottery wheel, fantasizing, finding inner peace and getting oh-so-delightfully messy while a former paramour whispered in your ear?  OK, OK, OK …maybe that isn’t the routine pottery experience but you might come close at this unique and fun MWC event.

La Mano Pottery is a full service ceramic studio centrally located in the heart of New York City in the Chelsea neighborhood.   Opened in 1998, La Mano provides a welcoming, working,  studio environment for beginners and experienced potters. Here, everyone can relax, learn, and enhance their creativity while working with clay. Expert instructors are available for basic or advanced hand building or wheel lessons.  Whether you’re experienced working with clay or just want to give this a try, this is an event for you!


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