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MWC Prospective Member Questionnaire : APPLY NOW

The Manhattan Women’s Club (MWC) is a private social group in New York City.  As you might guess, it is made up primarily of women who live in the New York metropolitan area. But more important, its members are linked by their outlook (not their gender or location) and by a newly-coined but hard-to-describe trait called: “Manhattan-mindedness.” This has less to do with geography and more with the best and most common traits observed in MWC members: curiosity, intrepidness, intelligence, accomplishment, good-naturedness, generosity, savvy-ness, kindness, inclusiveness, worldliness – and a great sense of humor.   “Manhattan Women” live all over the world. Yes, there IS bias here because MWC members are highly capable in the many roles they pursue – which include: chefs, friends, bankers, teachers, quilters, artists, lawyers, parents, authors, doctors, musicians, agents, philanthropists, spouses, entrepreneurs, professors, caterers, accountants, designers, producers, historians, actresses and grandparents.  And probably a few Indian chiefs, too!

The MWC “clubhouse” is New York City and its immediate environs because of the infinite variety, diversity and scope New York offers in terms of extraordinary things to see and do and learn about. We’re not opposed to traveling farther afield; we just haven’t gotten around to it – yet.

Most new MWC members are referred by current members. However, if you are interested in learning more about the Manhattan Women’s Club, the first step is to subscribe to the MWC website in the appropriate sign-up box at the very bottom of the right-hand column or sidebar. After you have done so you will automatically get notices about new, upcoming activities as soon as they are published and give you a chance to become familiar with the group.   For privacy and legal reasons only you, or someone with access to your email account, can subscribe or unsubscribe you from the website.

The next step in the membership process is to complete our Prospective Member Questionnaire.  This is available online by clicking on the link at the top or bottom of this page or on “APPLY” on the main menu ribbon on the home page of this site.   After your questionnaire is favorably reviewed you will be sent a Dues invoice.   Although annual dues ($150.) are not pro-rated for periods of less than a year new members who join after February 1st are offered a reduced partial-year rate which is available only once for new members only, not former members.    Once dues are received new members are assigned a username and temporary password for access to the “MEMBERS” version of the website.  This includes the MWC Directory, Activity Sign-ups and meet-up specifics, the MWC Calendar, AND your own account section where you can (and should) change your password and upload a photo of yourself.   A Marketplace / Classifieds listing section is in the process of being developed.  This website is always under construction – with plenty more to come.

Our members’ privacy is very important and the MWC email list is not available for sale.

MWC Prospective Member Questionnaire : APPLY NOW

If you have additional questions about the Manhattan Women’s Club, please feel free to get in touch by clicking on “CONTACT” on the menu ribbon at the top of the page.  You will be sent a response as quickly as possible.


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