MARCH 11th: MWC PLAY DAY – Women’s Celebration Edition!


MWC PlayDay: MARCH 11th – Whoa, Nellie – WE’RE ON A ROLL HERE.  A goodly number – 20+ –  MWC’ers got together for the second MWC PlayDay in February and my sincere condolences to those of you who did not make it.  Because, as they say, you shoulda been there.  It was just as it should have been.  Low key.  Casual.  Plenty of time to spend getting to know each other.  New and seasoned MahJongers alike played happily.  An oh-so-fabulous lunch, thanks to the wunder-staff at the NAC.  Great instruction, supervision and encouragement from Susanne S-W.      We also had Scrabble and a Puzzle and VALENTINE-MAKING – but MJ won the day!  But, remember – YOU DON’T HAVE TO PLAY MAH-JONG TO PARTICIPATE IN PLAY DAY!  You can play MJ – or something else, you can kibbutz (my specialty) or you can just come for lunch.  In March we’ll have the same selection of games (and maybe a few more, depending on preferences) plus maybe even some March Madness brackets to fill in! [Full Disclosure:  I only do this to impress my husband and son with the breadth of my knowledge but maybe some of you actually know what you’re doing!]    Subsequent sessions will be on APRIL 8th, MAY 13th and JUNE 10th. These will take place from 11am-3pm. at the magnificent NATIONAL ARTS CLUB.   The cost for this mid-day, four-hour activity (including lunch, but not wine) is $45.

We are so very, very fortunate to be able to have this activity at the expansively beautiful and deservedly historic NATIONAL ARTS CLUB on GRAMERCY PARK SOUTH.  It’s a very, very special spot – both a National and NYC Historic landmark, the august Samuel Tilden double-mansion is chock-a-block with Tiffany windows and mahogany woodwork and just oozes with the history of the arts in America.  We are truly fortunate that the NAC management has extended their good graces to the MWC and is allowing us to use their premises. Even better, the NAC has a gracious and lovely private dining room with an accomplished culinary staff which is where we will have lunch.  Wow, Thank you, NAC!

For some time now, MWC’ers have said it would be great to have a regular get-together which allows for some down time, where there would be opportunity for conversation and getting to know each other – and especially new members – better.  Here’s hoping this will do the trick and you will be canvassed on the SIGN UP! Registration form as to what “games” you’re particularly interested in.   If you’re interested in a particular activity – let’s say MahJong or Bridge, for example – it might be a good idea to round up some of your friends (men are welcome!) to make sure you have a table.  We cannot guarantee a minimum number for each type of activity nor playing level – but YOU can.  Additionally, we want to encourage as many MWC’ers as possible to participate even if they don’t have a specific skill set (i.e. – know how to play Bridge or Canasta …).   Aaaaaw, come on, let’s give this a try and SIGN UP! NOW.

If we’ve learned one thing from the success of MWC’s MahJong groups – it’s that it’s pretty great to spend some time with a rotating group of others – especially new members – in a low key, fun and semi-structured social setting. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

See below for some Very Basic Rules for the MWC Play Day :

  • You must sign up via SIGN-UP! on the website on or before noon the Monday prior to play.
  • If you need to cancel – and our quorum (a minimum of 12) is met – your fee will be refunded.
  • Games available will be on a rotating basis – and will be based on the interests of attendees.
  • You are welcome to invite a friend (no more than two) to join us – men are welcome!
  • We cannot guarantee a minimum number of players, nor a specific skill level, for any activity.
  • At this time, all registrations include lunch.
  • These – and forthcoming – rules are subject to change.

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