This post is about the MWC going to the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular on Thursday, December 5th.  This is a combo event / ticket with a backstage tour at 3 pm and  the stage show is at 5pm.

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radio-city-logo copyYOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A CYNICAL NEW YORKER:  It’s not uncommon for those of us who live here to sometimes scoff at tourists – those venturesome people who come to New York to step out of their comfort zones and prepared to blow a significant amount of their savings.   The ultimate NY-diss is to say something is “just for tourists.”  But, you know what – not knowing to be cynical, those very same tourists often experience some of the best our city has to offer – things that locals too often turn up their noses at.    Sometimes it’s a really great idea to be a tourist in our own City but – better yet – be one with time to spare who can avoid crowds and maybe even get a deal.

Radio City CSo, WE’RE GOING TO BE TOURISTS …. and be tourists taking in one of the most famous activities on offer:  THE RADIO CITY CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR !  The recommendation for locals is to see it at least every ten years or so – because not only do you get to take in one of the true architectural masterpieces of this City (Radio City Music Hall) you’ll also take in one of the largest, most opulent,  over-the-top, silliest, and most traditional of entertainments in the world.  Yes, this is the whole enchilada – with high-kicking Rockettes, the ultra-Radio City Dprecision formations of the Toy Soldiers (still wearing the costumes designed by Vincente Minnelli), 140 performers, an original musical score, lavish sets and spectacular costumes.  Since 1933, this is what over a million people come to NY to see every year.  It’s a real cultural mash-up and, honestly, it’s so nutty that you just have to laugh.  And get in the Christmas spirit.

Radio City FBut it gets better … by thinking about this now it is possible to also take the Radio City Music Hall’s Backstage Tour right before the performance.   Which is great because it will also fit in with one of our upcoming themes for this Fall, a series of “Behind the Scenes” events and activities.  Independent of the Christmas show, the backstage tour is one of the most popular tourist activities in NYC – and taking the tour right before seeing the stage show seems particularly fun.

Oh yeah – we DO live here and we DO want a deal.  So thanks to our very own MWC impresario, Jeanne Joyce, who has done exactly this sort of organizing for various groups in NYC over the years – we are intending to book the tickets and tour at a substantial discount.  Tickets for the tour and the show will be $70. each.

DETAILS:  A Crowdtilt link for this event will be sent to all MWC members.  We have reserved a block of tickets but are hoping we will be able to get more. This is scheduled for Thursday, December 5th  – the backstage tour is at 3pm and the show is at 5 pm and the tickets will be $70 each.   Family is welcome.  The Crowdtilt deadline will be very soon – JUNE 26th – so don’t sit on this or it will pass you by.  There will be a bit of time between the tour and the show – in case you want to run out and check out the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree which will have been lit just the day before !


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