Every organization has its own way of doing things.  Please see below some questions which come up frequently as to how the Manhattan Women’s Club operates.   If you have other questions, please fill out the form below and you will either be sent a direct response – or if it’s a question of general nature – a response will be posted here.

What’s the significance behind the  MWC logo / medallion ?
The flower in the center of the medallion is NYC’s official flower, a daffodil.  New York City didn’t have an official flower until after Sept. 11th, 2001.  After the horrific events of that day and the difficult period afterward, the country of Holland donated 10,000,000 daffodil bulbs to the City of New York to be planted all around the City.  The point of this was  to remind us all of New Yorkers’ resilience, strength, hardiness, kindness and optimism during tough times.  These are also traits which are associated with the daffodil which blooms early – often when there is still snow on the ground – and lives on in challenging change-of-season conditions.  Its bright yellow color signifies optimism.  Not surprisingly,  these traits are also associated with the wonderful women of the Manhattan Women’s Club.  The scalloped border of the medallion provides a counterpoint to the traditional form – which relates to the somewhat less than traditional structure of the MWC.

What’s “No Show” Insurance?
For some events, where there is no or a nominal cost, but requires substantial planning and commitment – members are asked to sign up for “No-Show Insurance” using the Reservations/ Payments page. This is usually $20. The amount is then returned to the member either through a refund or in cash, at the event.  No-Shows forfeit the fee.  The point of this, when needed, is to get a firm estimate as to how many women are going to be at an event and also to insure that people show up. It has been learned through experience that when there is no cost to attend people often don’t show up – which is unfair to the organizer of the event or the vendor / establishment with whom we have made arrangements.

How Are Payments Processed?
All MWC Payments are processed through site software (which also keeps tracks of sign-ups/ reservations) which links to PayPal, Inc.  Both the reservation software and PayPal are encrypted and provide the same level of security and privacy that you would expect from any reputable e-commerce site.  With our new system you are also able to reserve/ sign-up and make payments for multiple events as part of one transaction within the MWC site environment – and also on your phone.

What are “Friend and Family” Events?
Friends and Family events are those which are not particularly restricted in terms of capacity and members are encouraged  to invite a friend or family member.  These events tend to be created for a larger group and are typically of general interest.  Usually, MWC activities are for members only; however, if you would like to invite a friend to an event, check to see if there is availability by sending in an email or asking the event organizer.  If there’s room, we’re happy to have you invite a non-member.

If I bought a ticket for a MWC event but can’t go, may I have a refund?
In general, the MWC does NOT offer refunds after tickets have been purchased or a place has been reserved. Exceptions are made in the event that we are notified early enough that we have not yet purchased tickets on behalf of the membership. When it is too late for a refund to be given to a member directly, we try to publicize the available ticket and put the member – the ticket owner – in touch with another member. But at that point, it is up to the members to communicate with each other to arrange payment and the transfer of the physical ticket – if there is one.  As a matter of courtesy, we request that if you find you are unable to attend an event after having purchased a ticket(s) that you contact us so it/ they can be made available to MWC members first.

Why aren’t membership dues pro-rated for periods of less than a year ?
It is difficult to maintain separate records for each MWC member.   Our membership year is the 12 months from September 15th.  The amount of activity or events is not the same on a month-to-month basis and therefore all months are not equal.   The MWC does offer initial mid-year memberships, starting after February 1st, for new members.  These are only available to new members and only once per person.

When are membership dues owed?
The MWC Membership year is for the 12 months following September 15th of every year.  Dues are owed by September 15th.  Members are sent invoices around September 1st to pay dues for the upcoming year.  These are PayPal invoices and can be paid via a PayPal account or using a credit card.  PayPal processes the payment.  After November 1st, no more reminder invoices are sent.  Members who have not paid dues by November 1st will be maintained on the MWC mailing list but will be removed from the membership list (and any activity lists) and will no longer have access to the Members section of the site, be able to sign up for events, have access to information about recurring activities or the Membership Directory.  Any member who wishes to be reinstated can do so by sending in an email request. Former members do not have to re-qualify to re-join .  Dues paid after the start of the membership year are not pro-rated.

I have an idea for an activity which I think the MWC might like .  Can I arrange one?
Yes, please do !  MWC Members are welcome to suggest, arrange and organize events.  Please send in an email to admin@manhattanwomensclub.com if you want to suggest something and provide as much information as you can.

What’s “FCFS” ??
First-Come, First-Served !  FCFS is invoked when there are only a limited number of spaces for an event – and it only seems fair that we use that basic system to assign spots.

What’s “SASE” ??
Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope !  Sometimes members are asked to send these in to an event organizer when physical tickets need to be distributed.  Every effort is made to make organizing events as easy as possible for MWC organizers !