Dyker Heights DThis post is about a (small) bus trip on the evening of December 17th to check out that kooky-crazy holiday phenom in the ‘hood – Dyker Heights, Brooklyn  that is – which is known throughout the entire world for its not-to-be-believed OTT (Over-The-Top) Christmas decorations.   Almost every year this gets put off until after December 25th and then, whoops, it’s too cold to make the one-plus mile hike from the subway,  or its too crowded or everyone is too pooped – and then you don’t go.  Belatedly, the thought dawned – why not go EARLY in the holiday season and book a bus ?  So that is exactly what we’re doing.  However, this is not one of those gigantic 55-seater buses, it will be about half that size in order to be able to get down the narrow neighborhood streets and through what is likely to be considerable traffic.  It’s also important to be nimble enough to pull over for some famous Brooklyn pizza and/or cannoli.   

Dyker Heights DDYKER HEIGHTS LIGHT-SHOW:  Well, not exactly a light show – more like a neighborhood gone bonkers with several streets of those houses that you only see in movies that have maybe several million lights decorating their houses.  Dyker Heights is a traditionally Italian neighborhood, deep in the heart of Brooklyn.  Ya gotta love it – the passion, the humor, the dedication, the Dyker Heights Ccreativity that makes people go to all this trouble – and pay ConEd besides!  It’s all here in the form of a huge animatronic Santa taking over the front porch, dancing topiary bears, life-size carolers, a candy cane Ferris wheel, angels galore and  lights, lights, lights !  Once you’re there you feel like you’re having an out-of-body electric circus experience.  Unless you’re in a really bad mood (in which case maybe you should take a pass) you’re probably going to laugh your eyeballs out.  In fact, check the local TV listings for a Christmas Eve PBS documentary all about this very funny tradition – maybe even DVR it.    Honestly, if this doesn’t crank at least a chuckle out of you, well, then fuhgeddaboutit !  

MEMBERS:  Go to the  “Reservations/ Payment” tab in the Members site, and sign up there.   Given the nature of this occasion – THIS IS A FRIENDS AND FAMILY OUTING, even though the bus is small.  So sign up quickly – and if you’re shut out, email us (put “Dyker Heights Waitlist” in the subject line) and we will quickly see if we should get a second bus.  Tickets will be $50 per person – for transportation only.  When we’re on the bus we’ll see who, if anyone, wants pizza and/or cannoli and that will be figured out the night of … you are welcome to bring your choice of holiday beverage with you.  For those of you who want to bring children (great idea!) be advised that this might run late and it’s a school night. 



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