DRAWING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN (DRSB):  This post is about a special and exclusive one-day workshop for MWC Members led by Mr. Brian Bomeisler, artist and colleague and son of Betty Edwards’ (author and creator of DRAWING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN) who has worked with his mother for the past 40 years in offering training based on her landmark work.  The point of the all-day session is to focus on enhancing perception and creativity.  Our one day session will be on Wednesday, February 6th from 9am to 5pm with a lunch break.  Location to be announced. The total cost for the entire day covering Mr. Bomeisler’s fee, site rental and materials will be $500 to be paid in two installments of $250 each. MWC’ers, please go to the SIGN UP! tab and reserve your spot now.  Lunch is NOT included.  Class size will be strictly limited.  Registrants will be billed for the 2nd installment at the end of January.  Not required, but certainly useful, would be to purchase the book DRAWING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN (approximately $17. in paperback) to familiarize yourself with the approach.

IT’S NOT REALLY ABOUT DRAWING ! :  It’s much, much more than that.   Sure at the end of the workshop you will have drawn ….  something, but, more important, you will be given tools which are basic exercises in flexing your creative muscles and enhancing your perceptive acuity.  This is hugely important to us – mostly as women in transition looking at new opportunities and circumstances in our lives – and, perhaps, needing new mechanisms to revive dormant strengths and skills and to evaluate future paths.  It happens to just about everyone – adult life often squeezes the zip right out of us as we reflexively use our executive functioning left brain to accomplish the daily tasks of life.  But, knowing how to tap into right brain functioning – yes, the creative side – can jump-start new thought processes and abilities

RIGHT BRAIN vs LEFT BRAIN:  We’ve all heard about brain hemispheres forever – as though this was a hard and fast, immutable, distinction.  Traditionally, it was believed that people were primarily right- or left-brained.  Common phrases echo this belief, as in referring to – “my ‘creative’ side” or “I’m good at accounting because I’m a left-brain thinker.” The left side of the of the brain is thought to be responsible for logic – especially as in science and mathematics – linear thinking and quantitative thought processes.  The right side of the brain is thought to support tasks that have to do with creativity and the arts, non-linear thinking and open-ended thinking.    However, in the last generation and at least partially having to do with DRAWING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN, there’s a body of thought and research that says individuals can utilize BOTH sides of their brains, in different degrees.

Who could have guessed that when Betty Edwards’ DRAWING FROM THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN was published in 1979 that an art teacher would be the one to observe and define a landmark neurological discovery of importance to all of us?  Dr Edwards has always argued that right brain’s strengths are undervalued and under-trained in our left-brain oriented culture, with its emphasis on the “3Rs”. She also believed – and this has been borne out by neurological research –  that by training the right brain we can learn to use both sides of the brain more effectively and more efficiently according to their strengths.

Mr. Bomeisler and Dr Edwards’ have presented hundreds of workshops, seminars and lectures for public schools, art associations, university students, and technical and scientific groups.  A particular focus of their work has been for corporations in using the DRSB training for creative problem solving – for IBM, Apple, Disney, the American Institute of Architecture.  DRSB-training is usually a minimum of five days – but Mr. Bomeisler has prepared a one day workshop to get us started.  Art therapy isn’t just for kids and the disabled – it has applications for all of us!

This will be a fun and surprising day when you’ll reacquaint yourself with parts of your brain which you may have forgotten about and will find gratifying to meet up with again.  I’ve been looking forward to this training for the past 40 years – about time, don’t you think?




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