SEPT 20th: DOWNTON ABBEY – The Movie !


WE’VE BEEN EXPECTING YOUThis short post is about a casual, lets-go-to-the-movies-together activity on Friday, September 20th to catch the brand new release of DOWNTON ABBEY – the movie! The plan is to go late in the afternoon to not conflict with any MahJong play that day.  MWC’ers if you’d like to join the group, please sign up on the website so we can email you the details of  where  and when.

HEY, THE GANG’S BACK – with a few interesting additions – for the new, DOWNTON ABBEY movie.  And it  appears that they’ve used every penny of a big-movie budget to add to the well-known lusciousness of the TV series.  Yikes – the house, the decor, the  clothes, the grounds, the jewels – but this time ’round it’s set in 1927 and both  Mary and Edith have oh-so-soignee bob haircuts.  Honestly, it’s enough to make you want to run out and buy satin opera-length gloves; they’ll seem so practical after you watch this!   – And, of course, for those of you  who followed the series, Edith has now become the Marchioness of Hexham with pots of money and social status to match.  Who woulda thunk? -And now we’ll get to see her swanning about in her elevated status when she visits Downton Abbey to rekindle (or not?) her famous rivalry with Mary.

Some important additions include the UK’s Meryl Streep, the deservedly famous Imelda Staunton – who, by the way, happens to be married to Mr. Carson (oops, Jim Carter) in real life. She will be playing the sister of the Dowager Countess (Maggie  Smith) and, if she’s anything like her sister, acid-wit barbs will fly. (Hey, what happened to Shirley MacLaine from a few years back??!!)  The movie’s so-called plot revolves around a visit to Downton by King George V (Simon  Jones) and Queen Mary (Geraldine James).  I feel a little sorry for Geraldine James, though, her pronounced jawline made her perfect casting for the similarly endowed Queen Mary (who, by the way, was also known for her long neck and wearing many rowed-pearl and diamond chokers; she’s also the one who wore the tight little curls piled tall on her head).

This is pure late-September silliness.  Let’s go!


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