THE FUN STUFF! : MWC Events and Recurring Activities –
Since a key part of the “New and Improved” MWC is our self-managed model of members leading events, it begs the question:  what sort of events?  How do I get some ideas?  So, taking in mind the requirements for qualifying events and recurring activities (refer to the previous post),  here are some ways to get you started in thinking about the event or activity YOU are going to lead:

  • FAVORITE DAY: What’s your favorite day in New York? Make that into something for a group!
  • REPRISE EVENTS: The MWC has done many, many events over the years – some of them we should do again!   Go to the website and search for “uncategorized” and the posts for ALL of the prior events will be there.  Take a look and find one that you think we should do again!
  • DON’T GO IT ALONE – PART I: All of New York’s museums offer programs and tours and private guides – go to a museum website and noodle around to find the section which tells you how.
  • DON’T GO IT ALONE – PART II:: There’s a huge number of tour companies which are pretty great.  Some of these include:  Untapped New York, The Adventure Club, Urban Oyster, Urban Archive NY,  OPEN HOUSE NY, the Bowery Boys …etc.  There’s also the GOTHAM CENTER at the CUNY Graduate Center and they sponsor a great range of activities and speakers.  Really, there are oodles of places to choose from – a little research will pay off big!
  • CHECK OUT WHAT WE HAVE ON MWC-SLACK: We’re collecting ideas and recommendations on a new  MWC-SLACK channel:  #mwc-activity-ideas-inspirations.  You know how it goes, once you start thinking about doing one thing – many others will pop into your head! Let’s not lose those ideas; pls. put them in the new channel on MWC-SLACK.  There will also be a page on the website with this same information.  These are also on their own page on this website; click on “Activity Inspo” on the menu ribbon – put in the password – and you’ll get PLENTY of ideas.
  • RETAILER EVENTS:  Retailers often offer events. For instance, quite a few years ago we did a bread-baking class at Le Pain Quotidien downtown and it was terrific.  But they ALL offer trunk shows, after-hours events …etc.
  • NYT ARTS & LEISURE SECTION: Check out the NYT ARTS AND LEISURE Section. There are articles on what’s coming up and something will strike your fancy.
  • ASK YOUR FRIENDS! Very often we have friends who are saavy, have contacts and know about things we don’t – so can steer us in the right direction.  Many of the MWC’s activities in the past have been great because someone knew someone who knew someone …
  • PUBLIC PERSONALITIES:  Hey, they’re people just like the rest of us!  Have an author you like? Or a designer? Or a chef?  Or a journalist?  Or an artist?  Or …whatever??   That person has a website and an Instagram account.  Look to see if they have any events coming up or DM them through Instagram.
  • LESSONS:  – You can find someone to teach anything in New York City! Pottery?  Flower Arranging?  Painting or Drawing? Cake Decorating?  FengShui?  If there’s something you have an interest in, there WILL be someone to teach a place to learn how to do it.
  • SCHOOLS and COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS: There are many educational institutions and community organizations which offer a full schedule of events.  For example, the 92nd Street “Y” has a terrific speaker series, concerts and other musical events.  “Lyrics and Lyricists” is my favorite!   Merkin Concert Hall – in addition to having great acoustics also has a full schedule.
  • PERFORMING ARTS ORGANIZATIONS:: Just to state the obvious, NYC has the most stunning collection of performing arts groups in the country – some might say the world.  So, not only are these great on a casual basis – they also often offer special performances, or talk-backs or tours.  For instance, the NY Philharmonic has open rehearsal sessions.  Don’t overlook what you might think is obvious!

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