Constellations BLet’s get this out upfront: how can a two character play (no singing or orchestra!), with a minimal set, a running time of 70 minutes and a British production which already put this in the black have tickets (not in the orchestra, by the way) which cost $156 ?   The answer:  costs have nothing to do with it.  Demand does.   And there are PLENTY of people out there who are eager to buy tickets to Broadway’s newest, simplest, dearest – and most interesting – play, CONSTELLATIONS.   But, thanks to our maestro of all things dramaturgical, Ms. Dee was able to get a MWC block of tickets for WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11th at 2pm. 

It took no small amount of wrangling and cajoling to get these, with a couple of provisos no less:  the block needs to be bought within five days (yes, from NOW!)  and there will be no more. 

What’s the fuss about?  It is certainly about Nick Payne’s oh-so-beautifully-written play but also the amazing performances of its two stars.   Anecdotally referred to as the play about “geeks in love” it features two-time Olivier Award-winning Ruth Wilson (also currently seen on American television in “The Affair”) and Jake Gyllenhaal in their Broadway debuts.  They are both talented and young enough to make this drama about the what-if’s of falling in love work beautifully.  The infinite permutations of the decisions made throughout life, the manner in which they are made, the circumstances in which they are made and all within the constantly changing continuum of time –  can drive you crazy when matters of the heart are involved.  Yet, this very complicated idea is presented in a winningly pure, heartfelt way.

It has been reported that CONSTELLATIONS uses “the principles of string theory, relativity and quantum mechanics” in developing its story.  And while that may be technically true, you needn’t worry that you’ll leave the theater feeling like a physicist.

So, yes, everyone – on one hand these tickets are sort of expensive.  But on the other, you will most likely regret not buying one.   Members, go to the Reservations / Payment link on the Members section of the website to get yours – as always, first come/ first served.


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