OCT 6th: CLEARWATER Sunset Sail !


This post is about a private, MWC-only, sunset sail on the historic Hudson River sloop, the CLEARWATER, on Thursday, October 6th from 5-8 pm.

It’s a boat !  It’s a Landmark ! It’s an eco-laboratory !  It’s a sublime sunset sail on the Hudson !  It’s all of those things – but more than anything else it will be a grand evening out on the magnificent and historic Hudson River sloop, the CLEARWATER For the former “folkies” among us, the Clearwater looms large in our memories as being both reminiscent of the decline of urban areas and the general eco- witlessness of the 60’s /  70’s but also as a reminder of the power of grass-roots political activism as a force for change.    Early in his career, PETE  SEEGER was “only” one of the country’s best known folk singers, but in 1969 he became something more.

After prodigious fund-raising by Seeger and his friends, the CLEARWATER was first launched in 1969 with the intent of being a floating classroom to educate communities up and down the Hudson River on the dangers of pollutants in the river and the need for waste treatment and regulations regarding corporate dumping.  But in addition, and as you would expect from a folk singer, the CLEARWATER was also a place for fun and entertainment and something which drew people down to the Hudson – to rekindle appreciation for this historic and magnificent waterway in our midst and to encourage people to embrace, use and protect it as the life source it is.    And although astonishing strides have been made, it’s still important to know that over 200 miles of the Hudson River’s 315-mile length are still a Federal SuperFund site – and the campaign continues.

BUT, even if you don’t have an environmentally conscious bone in your body, this is a very special way to spend a mid-Fall evening, being under sail on the on 106-foot, all-wooden sloop which just happens to be a National Historic Landmark.  

Details:  Thursday, October 6th from 5-8pm.   The private sail will be three hours.  This is a friends and family event – feel free to invite some of yours.  The sign-up link – along with ticket information – is on both the Reservations/ Payment section of the Members’ site and also on the Sign Up! tab on the Members’ site menu ribbon. 

If you have five minutes or so and want to know more about the CLEARWATER, Pete Seeger and this ground-breaking environmental effort to clean up the Hudson River,  take a look at the following video: 




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