city-harvest-logoThis post is about a group volunteer outing on Saturday, January 10th, to help out at a CITY HARVEST mobile market where food is distributed to community members.  This is a FAMILY & FRIENDS event – although capacity will be limited.

City Harvest adCITY HARVEST, founded in 1982, is the City’s first and only “food rescue” organization.  Their approach is straight-forward: they “rescue” excess food – they anticipate rescuing almost 50 million pounds in 2014 –  from restaurants, groceries, cafeterias, manufacturers and farms and deliver it for free to over 500 community food programs.  CITY HARVEST is privately funded – less than 1% of their financial support is from government sources – and sustains itself with 150 employees,  4000 volunteers and donations from individuals, foundations and corporate giving.

CITY HARVEST has two basic activities:  collecting food and distributing it.  To do this they have a fleet of 19 refrigerated trucks, three cargo bikes – and a network of mobile markets which brings food directly to the communities.  In 2014, CITY HARVEST will collect more food in one year that the total amount collected in its first 14 years combined!   Sixty percent of the total food distributed will be fresh fruits and vegetables.

City Harvest FNearly 20 percent of New Yorkers live  far below the poverty line ;  it is estimated that approximately 1.5 million people here face hunger or are “food insecure” – meaning that they don’t know how to get the next meal for themselves or their family.  2014 is the tenth anniversary of City Harvest’s mobile markets program which brings food directly to individuals in a community.  This is in addition to the soup kitchens, food pantries, homeless shelters, AIDS care providers, senior centers, children’s daycare  centers, and other agencies they also provide to.

Since the Manhattan Women’s Club is a social organization we are volunteering as a group !   The MWC will participate in a City Harvest mobile market in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn on Saturday, January 10th from 8:45 am to approximately noon.  Weighing, apportioning and distributing food will be the assigned tasks.  As you might expect, this is a rain or shine – or, brrrrr, cold weather – activity.  If it’s cold it is still vital that if you’ve signed up, you show up – because food needs to be distributed in all kinds of weather – and maybe even most especially when the weather is rotten.

DETAILS:  Sign-up for this activity via the link on the Members’ “Reservations/ Payments” page – instead of No-Show Insurance  each participant is being asked for  $20. to be given to City Harvest.  At the point at which you sign-up you will be sent a link to register individually with City Harvest (which includes a Waiver and a Terms and Conditions acknowledgement) as a member of the MWC volunteer team.  Even though capacity is limited this is still a FAMILY & FRIENDS event.


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