The great annual (we hope!) MWC BRIDGE KICK-OFF will take place on October 25th.  RSVP BELOW.  MWC’s Bridge Guru, Anne Dunning, has offered her time and her home to get us going and she will serve very light snacks.  Feel free to bring something or stay afterwards for a glass of wine. .  The kick-off event will be on Wednesday, October 25th from 2-5pm at her home.  For this first session, all are welcome to come and meet others who want to pursue bridge within the MWC.  In the future, however, sign-ups will be by playing level so we know who and how many want to play.

The idea is to have a group session twice a month (won’t be possible around the holidays, though!) and to encourage side games among interested parties.  While we know everyone is going to learn a lot about bridge by playing in these groups, we also encourage (if necessary) MWC’ers to go to the HONORS BRIDGE CLUB and either sign up for specific instruction or lessons or to buy one of their well-priced monthly play-passes.  That way you can be matched up with other players at your level and get some play under your belt.  And, meanwhile, you can attend the bi-monthly MWC sessions and find other MWC’ers to play with – either there or at games which will come up spontaneously.


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