Oh, come on, you’re making that up – WHAT’S A BRIDGE BONANZA?  Well, in our world, we hope – an afternoon which will bring a bounty of bridge blessings to those who want to play this compelling game.  So far, MWC Bridge has gotten off to a good start.  A number of us would-be players have been taking lessons at HONORS BRIDGE to elevate our status from Bridge-know-nothings to Level II Beginners.  Others have gotten games together on their own.  But when first broached last Fall there were quite a few MWC’ers who expressed interest in playing – so, on to the next step! 

Bridge cartoonGracious, generous Anne D has offered to host our Bonanza, uh, Bridge get together, at her home on May 15th in the late afternoon.  Anyone who is interested in finding others to play with is welcome to attend.  What we hope to have happen on May 15th is to get a feel for how many of us are interested, how many matches can be made for various levels of play – and (this is the tough part!) what our near and slightly longer term schedules are.  The hope is that we will get several tables together to play that afternoon.

But one thing is clear – bridge players play bridge.  And if you don’t play (and learn from your fellow bridge players) it’s unlikely that you’ll develop much of a facility to learn the game. Almost all of us who are trying to learn the game have said they’re doing so because of others they know, like and admire who love the game – so why not join in?

So, MWC members. if you think you can join us on Monday, May 15th please RSVP by filling out the form on the SIGN-UP! tab on the Members’ site homepage ribbon.



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