Hmmm…. from the looks of it, it would appear that women like us are having a moment.  Look at the two new books out RIGHT NOW, Gail Collins’ NO STOPPING US NOW: A History of Older Women in America and the joint effort by Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea Clinton, THE BOOK OF GUTSY WOMEN: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience.  Not to mention that there are several women vying for presidential nominations, Black women “value voters” are largely credited with winning the Alabama special election for Doug Jones over Roy Moore, the large (and growing) 10+point gender gap between women and men in approval ratings for the impeachment inquiry and, yes, MORE ….

As the seemingly interminable US presidential election process kicks into high gear – with a distinct spin via the impeachment inquiry – it looks as though gender divides will play a big part.  Something to think about, no?  Both Gail Collins and Hillary and Chelsea Clinton are starting their respective book tours.  Look them up if you want to hear their studied takes on the underpinnings of this historic moment.  Me?  I’m going on October 29th to hear the Clintons  (mere et fille!) in New Haven at the famous, woman-owned R.J. JULIA BOOKSELLERS.  Come join me – or find other stops on the Collins and Clinton tours!



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