APRIL 20th Theater Outing: WAITRESS


This post is about a MWC theater outing on Wednesday, April 20th at 2pm to see the widely anticipated musical, WAITRESS.  MWC Members, sign in to the site and go to the Reservations/ Payments page to get your ticket(s).  Thanks to our esteemed MWC theater curator Meg Florio the MWC has an early bird ticket price for this ($91) and we need to get our tickets by early February.  As it happens there will be a March theater outing as well – but the deadline for WAITRESS is earlier.  Go figure !

WAITRESS pie ADon’t you just love pie?  In our family, if there’s pie in the house you can have it for breakfast – because, in addition to tasting good, it reminds you that someone cared an awful lot to put all that great-tasting stuff together and then went on to craft a pretty, creative, flaky crust.  Pie makes you feel cared for. Wonderful way to start the day, no?

Waitress CTurns out that there are a lot of pie-lovers out there.  Including Adrienne Shelly who used everyone’s favorite pastry as the leitmotif of her 2007 movie, WAITRESS, which starred Keri Russell and Cheryl Hines.  So many people loved that movie (or was it the pie?!) that it has now been adapted into a musical starring none other than the vastly talented Jessie Mueller – she of the amazing pipes who originated the Carole King role in BEAUTIFUL (for which she won a Tony award).

Waitress BThis production was incubated at the Cambridge-based American Repertory Theater (ART) where it was welcomed by sold-out audiences last Fall.  ART is home base for WAITRESS’s acclaimed director Diane Paulus (and ART’s Artistic Director), responsible for revamped, re-tooled revivals of musical classics including PIPPIN (for which she won a Tony Award in 2012 as Best Director of  Musical) and the controversial THE GERSHWINS PORGY AND BESS (for which she won the enmity of Stephen Sondheim).   The musical transformation from movie to musical was placed in the capable hands of Sara Bareilles – the singer/ songwriter whose number “Love Song” from her debut album LITTLE VOICE was a hit all over the world.

waitress DThe story line focuses on a waitress and gifted pie maker in a small town diner who is stuck in a loveless marriage.  When she discovers she is unexpectedly pregnant she fears her dream of opening her own pie shop will be derailed.  After winning a baking contest and the affections of the town’s handsome new doctor she contemplates a possibly happy future.  But encouraged by her quirky co-workers and customers she discovers some ingredients of her own – courage and pluck – with which she can craft her own future.


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